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Reaching the Peak of Data Mountain: One Firm’s Story of Data Quality Triumph


Need some Data Quality inspiration? I’ve recently witnessed a 180° turnaround by one of our clients.  Their results were so inspiring, I knew immediately I needed to share their journey. For those of you who know you need to do something about your data, here’s a success story and some perspective on the reality of getting it done. Will it ... Read More »

Business Analytics: Far from Home?

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If the idea of pulling business intelligence (BI) and analytics from your customer relationship management (CRM) data leaves you feeling like you’re in an unfamiliar place, you’re not alone. But don’t worry—it doesn’t take a CRM superhero to make the most of your data. However, even superheroes such as Spider-Man find themselves in unfamiliar places, feeling far from home sometimes. ... Read More »

Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Client relationships are evolving—
how to keep up

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Client relationships have always been a key part of business growth but the latest research from Hinge® Marketing states the landscape of visibility, value, brand recognition, and expertise in the marketplace is ever-changing. As we look ahead, our business development and marketing efforts must meet our customers’ needs. Here, we take a look at five takeaways from Hinge’s findings. 1. ... Read More »

Q&A with ClientPay: Why every Juris user should take advantage of this payment processing solution

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In today’s environment, both convenience and safety are top of mind for consumers–including law firm clients. More than ever, people want the ability to pay from wherever they are working–in the office or from home–without having to be in person or mail payments. To accommodate, most offices now offer online portals, so clients can pay via credit card or by ... Read More »

Top Tips to Stay the Course in Business Development with InterAction


As we emerge from the initial COVID-19 disruption and settle into the new normal of remote working and a dispersed workforce, regular business operations must resume. For some firms, the challenges of business development (BD) may be made worse by issues such as maintaining data quality and securing fee earner engagement, which have been difficult even in a typical office ... Read More »

Confronting the Downturn: An InterAction Research Report


You’re probably tired of hearing and reading about “these unprecedented times” and “how we are alone together” and #flattenthecurve—whatever turn of phrase is making its rounds now. Who knew a global pandemic could become so meme-worthy in such a short time? I’m feeling the pressure of unknowns—aren’t we all?—in both mundane and profound ways. Still, those of us in the ... Read More »

Your Essential Guide to Working from Home with Juris

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During these times, we understand that it may be more challenging to keep it “business as usual” while working from home. To help ease the transition from office to home, and to help ensure that you can operate your business as easily and efficiently as possible, the LexisNexis® Juris® team put together Your Essential Guide to Working from Home with Juris. ... Read More »

Craft a CRM Strategy for Challenging Times

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As our country grapples with the fallout from COVID-19 (coronavirus), many believe that the economy will soften for the foreseeable future. As savvy investors know, buying defensive stocks provides a steady stream of dividends and stable earnings during challenging economic times. Attorneys should apply a similar strategy by providing extraordinary service to their cash flow-generating clients as part of a ... Read More »

Business Development: Four Easy-To-Follow Project Management Principles To Get You Through Your Next RFP


As a project manager on the InterAction® team for almost five years, I’ve managed over 25 InterAction product releases—15 of those were in 2019! To help me prepare for even more, I look back and review what part of the release process worked and what didn’t. This helps me plan how I streamline upcoming projects and how to handle an ... Read More »

[Podcast] Law Firms Have All the Cloud Options They Need with Advanced CRM Technology

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In a recent episode of the Reinventing Professionals podcast with Ari Kaplan, two seasoned software leaders discussed recent trends among law firms leveraging CRM technology for data-based insight, and explained where firms currently stand with regards to cloud technology. Scott Wallingford, Vice President and General Manager of LexisNexis® Law Firm Software Solutions, and Scott Winter, Director for Product Management for ... Read More »