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Infographic Friday:  File Sharing Information in Law Firms

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Law firms are caught in a bit of a bind when it comes to file sharing.  On one hand clients demand an easy way to collaborate but on the other, the risks can be high.

In a post titled, File Sharing by Lawyers Largely Insecure, Survey Suggests, legal luminary Bob Ambrogi wrote

If I were to leave a document on a table entitled, “My Deepest, Darkest Secrets,” under which I wrote, “Please do not read this unless you are someone I intended to read this,” how securely would you think I’d protected myself?

That, effectively, is all the majority of lawyers do to protect confidential documents they share with clients and colleagues, according to a LexisNexis survey published this week.

The infographic below summarizes the survey findings which include:

  • 73% of law firms say file sharing is more important this year than in previous years.
    89% of law firms report using email and another 74% say they use email daily.
  • 77% of law firms include a confidentiality statement below the body of their emails as the primary means to protect privileged communication.
  • A minority use security technology to protect electronic communications:
    • Email encryption (22%).
    • Password-protects documents (14%).
    • Use a secure file sharing site (13%).

Register to download a comprehensive report (PDF):

File-Sharing in the Legal Industry

Infographic: File Sharing in the Legal Industry

Infographic File Sharing Information in Law Firms

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