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40 Customer Product Reviews on LexisNexis PCLaw

LexisNexis PCLaw 14 Batch Billing

The software division takes customer feedback very seriously and we have a formal program for capturing, measuring and acting on the views expressed by our customers.

Periodically we send out surveys to our customer base which follows a technology best practice known as a net promoter score. The feedback we obtain – from each and every customer – is automatically sent to an email distribution list that includes all of the key leadership.

This system provides us with an overall score for all of our products to benchmark our progress from the perspective of our customers – and it keeps us accountable to ourselves and our customers. Feedback after all, even those comments that make us uncomfortable, is crucial part of the continuous improvement cycle.

Since launching the LexisNexis PCLaw 13 law firm practice management solution this time last year – with and entirely new look and feel – we’ve noted a remarkable volume of positive feedback from our customers.

Today we have announced the newest edition – version 14 – and as part of the rollout we’ve culled through hundreds of customer reviews and comments and presented them below (a screenshot and video are embedded nearby).  The responses come from people serving in roles from all ranks – from the office manager – to the managing partner which we’d like to believe is characteristic of a solid all-in-one practice management solution.

40 Comments on the PCLaw Software

1. “I’ve used it since I opened my practice in 2004 and my books are always kept right; invoicing clients is easy; and keeping track of my trust account couldn’t be simpler or more accurate.” (independent attorney)

2. “Have used it for several years and it is very reliable and accurate.” (small law attorney)

3. “I have used several other law firm accounting programs over a long career and have found PCLaw the most user friendly and easiest to learn and teach. It is a perfect product for a small to mid-sized law firm. Costs are reasonable.” (management consultant)

4. “We have used PCLaw for 10+ years and it seems to fit our needs and when we need help, technical support has been awesome.”  (independent attorney)

5. “My single most important reason is the success I have had resolving occasional issues/problems both big and small through your customer service. I have learned much from information communicated to me through problem resolution with the PCLaw support team.” (small law financial administrator)

6. “The time entry and billing features and the accounting function are easy to use and provide professional looking billing statements and accounting reports.” (independent attorney)

7. “Excellent law firm accounting program.” (small law managing partner)

8. “I like how integrated all the pieces of PC Law are and how I am able to run my entire practice through it. Also, the tech support is fantastic!” (independent attorney)

9. “I have always found the support staff to be extremely patient and helpful. I like being able to speak with a real person and obtain the answers to questions and problems in a timely manner.” (small law paralegal)

10. “Without PC Law, I don’t know how a law office can effectively do time and billing. The reports are very helpful in reviewing billing and income, and for preparing statistics.” (small law legal administrator)

11. “I love this program.” (small law office manager)

12. “Extremely user friendly.” (small law office manager)

13. “Brings everything under one roof. Made accounting a snap. I am a solo practitioner. It may be more powerful that what I need, but I have never had better control of billing and timekeeping.”  (independent attorney)

14. “User friendly software that covers all aspects of my accounting needs.”  (small law office manager)

15. “The flexibility of posting an A/P invoice to multiple accounts and matters; ability to split payments among participating attorneys.” (small law accountant)

16. “I do the payroll for my place of employment and the payroll system on PCLaw is very user friendly.” (small law office manager)

17. “The upgrades come with the maintenance plan which is very cost effective and ensures we are keeping the software up to date, any issues have always been handled well by support. Easy-to-use.” (small law office manager)

18. “PCLaw is an overall good accounting program for a small business. It’s easy to learn, has a lot of attractive features and keeps our office accounting needs very organized.” (small law legal administrator)

19. “It just plain works, and does what we count on it to do.” (small law managing partner)

20. “I can do most everything in one program.” (small law legal administrator)

21. “It does everything that I need from billing, opening files and diary systems.” (independent attorney)

22. “When we have had problems, the support staff is very helpful and explains things very clearly!” (small law office manager)

23. “As a solo I find it to be very useful and a good value.”  (independent attorney)

24. “It allows the bookkeeping issues to be addressed in one program.”  (small law legal administrator)

25. “The technical support is great and the software was easy to learn.” (small law legal administrator)

26. “I have been using it for 23+ years. That says something.” (independent attorney) [Note: 23 years?! Wow!  Thank you!]

27. “The information I need is at my fingertips.” (small law business manager)

28. “I’ve worked with PCLaw program for the last 19 years, I started with PClaw Jr. and it’s progress a great deal over the years. its user friendly does so much now that it didn’t do in the beginning.” (small law office manager)

29. “The product has been great in the ~7 years we have used it. It is awesome to have all the features bundled into one including the document manager that integrates with Word.” (small law paralegal)

30. “Virtually all facets of law management and practice are incorporated into one program: document management, calendaring, trust and financial accounting, billing, even processing credit cards.” (small law office manager)

31. “I like that it is an integrated billing and accounting program.” (small law IT consultant)

32. “It is better than other billing programs I’m familiar with.” (small law office manager)

33. “I initially purchased PC Law in 2005 when I opened my own solo practice. I was able to understand and use it right out of the box. About 2 years ago, I had a computer malfunction and the program would no longer launch. I contacted PC Law and was able to find a technician who could upgrade my “old” version to the current one and it’s worked great ever since.” (independent attorney)

34. “It has kept my time records and done my billing for 17 years and has become a part of my life.” (independent attorney)

35. “I have used this software for many years. I works very well for a small law office and provides the integration that I require between time/billing and bank accounts.” (independent attorney)

36. “The integration of case management, time and expense entry, billing, accounting and calendaring features in one program makes PCLaw very convenient and it is easy to use. You can pull up a file and have all information pertaining to the file right on the screen.” (small law managing partner)

37. “Ease of use in all aspects. I use PCLaw for bookkeeping and I love how it interfaces with GL, AP, AR, billing, etc. Just a really great program.” (small law office manager)

38. “Ease of use and convenience of having everything all in one program.” (small law legal administrator)

39. “I lucked into picking PCLaw when I first went solo 15 years ago, and I have never been disappointed. There may be other good products out there, but PCLaw is so right for my needs that I have never bothered looking.” (independent attorney)

40. “Easy to learn and use for solo or small firm attorneys who have no CPA experience.” (independent attorney)

* * *

If you have something you’d like to share, we’d welcome your feedback in the comments section.

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