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The headquarters for the LexisNexis software division on NC State’s Centennial Campus houses the Software Center of Excellence.

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This blog is managed by the LexisNexis software division headquartered in Raleigh, NC.   While LexisNexis is better known for its legal research tools, the software division is growing business within the company.

Over the course of the several years LexisNexis has steadily consolidated software businesses throughout the company into a single cohesive division dedicated to software. This division is building a “Software Center of Excellence” headquartered on NC State’s Centennial Campus – a move completed in 2014.

Centennial Campus is a public-private partnership which houses one of the largest undergraduate engineering programs in the century.  The center brings together resources form LexisNexis, academia and the high tech community in the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

Originally known for “business of law” software, the technology tools used by law firms and legal departments to manage their business or practices, the software division now also includes litigation software tools.  Based on a set of principles defined in Software Bill of Rights,

LexisNexis has streamlined its U.S.-based software businesses and the products it develops fall into these two primary categories:

Business of Law Software:

Litigation Software:

This presentation – ILTA 2014: LexisNexis Software Company Update – provides a basic overview of the software business. The presentation, which is embedded nearby, was presented at an industry tradeshow in August 2014 by Michael Lipps who leads the software division.

Always on the Lookout for Talent

Always on the Lookout for Talent

Michael Lipps, the top executive for the software division, dances with the NC State mascot after a ceremony welcoming LexisNexis to Centennial Campus.

Did you know?  LexisNexis was named a finalist for “Best Place to Work” award by the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA).

We are always on the lookout for talent and for people who want to be part of something bigger.  We have a website dedicated to LexisNexis positions in North Carolina for which we are actively recruiting.

Want to get a sense for our leadership and culture?  Check out the following links for a glimpse:

Contributed Blog Posts

We do occasionally accept original content from outside contributors.  The content must be original, not published anywhere else for a minimum of 30 days and of high quality.  While we cover a range of topics spanning small law, large law and inside counsel, we focus on the business of law and litigation technology.   Contributions that are relevant to these topics stand the best chance of being considered.

Please read these guidelines before pitching: How to Submit a Guest Post to the Business of Law Blog.  If after reading those guidelines, you feel you have an idea that fits please send an email with “Guest Post: [And Your Topic Idea]” in the subject line to blsssocial [at] lexisnexis [dot] com.

Media Contact and Information

We frequently research and report on trends in the legal industry and maintain sources of data and have a range of subject matter experts that can provide analysis.  The CounselLink product for example, includes more than $15 billion in legal spend and 3 million invoices, representing 450,000 matters gathered over the past 5 years, and is a unique source of information on trends in legal spending.

Here are a few examples:

We maintain three media sites across our software products.  To see recent coverage or announcements please visit the following:

Reporters or bloggers interested in sources, data or contributions, please send an email to frank [dot] strong [at] lexisnexis [dot] com.



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