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Loretta Ruppert
Loretta is the Senior Director of Community Management at LexisNexis Law Firm Practice Management. She has a unique mix of professional experiences: business owner, legal technology consultant, manager of professional services for a CPA firm, subject matter expert in developing back office software, and accountant. Perhaps most relevant here, Loretta was once a law firm employee and user of practice management and financial systems. Loretta has been with LexisNexis for 10 years in various positions: from product development to solution line management to community management, bar relations, and product marketing. She has a B.S. in Accounting from North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Court Rules Calendaring Challenges and Solutions

Court Rules Calendaring

We know that when it comes to court deadlines, there are few excuses for getting it wrong. And that is why LexisNexis Firm Manager has teamed with LawToolBox to provide a special offer to solo and small law firms where court deadlines matter. We are at LegalTech New York and had an opportunity to interview the two principles of LawToolBox, ... Read More »

Infographic: Law Firms are Warming Up to the Cloud

law cloud

New research indicates that independent attorneys are more likely to adopt cloud technology in 2014.  Nearly 40% of lawyers in small law firms – defined in this study as firms employing between 1-20 attorneys – are already using it and consistently cite mobility and freedom of access as among the benefits. Security and ethics continue to represent the largest concerns, ... Read More »

Study: 2014 Shaping Up as Year of the Law Cloud

law firm cloud survey

How would you describe the cloud to fellow attorneys who were unfamiliar with the technology? “As a fluffy white baby lamb. At least when the weather is nice,” according to one respondent in response to this open-ended question. Quirky?  Yes.  However this survey was aimed at gauging the perception lawyers have of the cloud – and that may well be ... Read More »

Chart of the Day: Is the Law Cloud Secure?

law cloud secure

While just a handful of attorneys believe the cloud is not secure, when we asked them why, the open-ended responses were telling.  Here is a representative sample of responses from attorneys in small law firms in their own words. Note:  This is the fifth and final “Chart of the Day” in a series we have published over the course of ... Read More »

Chart of the Day: Popular Uses of the Legal Cloud

Uses of the law cloud

Many lawyers are clearly already using the cloud – to the tune of 40 percent – but what are they using it for? 60% use it for document storage or management 56.4% use it for back up and disaster recovery 53.6% use it for email 46.4% use it for file sharing Stay tuned!  This is the third of five in ... Read More »

Chart of the Day: Unauthorized Use of the Law Cloud?

Unauthorized use law cloud

The legal industry has some security reservations about using the cloud.  Indeed, professional organizations task lawyers with the responsibility of ensuring the cloud technologies meet ethical standards for safeguarding data. Despite this, as it often is with technology, the weakest link is usually people.  As the chart nearby indicates, practicing attorneys in small law firms believe nearly one in every ... Read More »

Chart of the Day: Cloud to Overtake Premise?

law cloud, cloud versus premise

Will cloud-based tools overtake premised-based solutions in the legal industry? 15.4% said yes, in 3 years 38.7% said yes, in 3 to 5 years 34.1% said yes, in 5 or more years This finding has similarities with a 2012 study by Legal IT Professionals which found, “57% predicting that it will overtake on-premise computing within five years and 81% within ... Read More »

Law Firm Housekeeping: Bill or Goodbye, Partners


In today’s legal economy, it’s not enough to be a good lawyer and practice law. Whereas in the past a law firm evaluated performance of junior and senior associates and acted accordingly, these days even partners are being targeted. But this is not totally new news. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, cuts to law firm partners have been occurring ... Read More »

Partner Compensation models drive law firm culture


“If you want to understand a firm’s culture, start by understanding the firm’s compensation procedures,” wrote Eric Goldman, an Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law.  From personal experience compensation does drive behavior in a law firm – good and bad. And culture is really just the result of the surroundings that include the firm’s leadership. ... Read More »