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Customer Case Study:  Tax Law Meets PCLaw

Customer Case Study Tax Law Meets PCLaw

After 8 years litigating civil tax cases for the Department of Justice Tax Division and 12 years with a law firm, Attorney Robert Nath made a life-changing decision: He hung out a law shingle. While his work ethic was strong and his tax experience and business smarts considerable (he’s authored a series of books on How the IRS Operates), his ... Read More »

Budgets, Compliance, Security Top CLO Priorities, ACC Survey Says

Budgets Compliance Security Top CLO Priorities ACC Survey Says Post

Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) expect budgets to remain flat even as they wrestle with a range of issues from security and compliance to diversity, according to the 2015 CLO Survey, recently released by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC). The annual survey, which this year counted 1,289 respondents, found “almost two-thirds of chief legal officers said they plan no change ... Read More »

Rethinking Law Firm Reporting While the Pain is Fresh

Rethinking Law Firm Reporting While the Pain is Fresh

Note: The following is an excerpt from a new eBook titled 15 Ideas for Getting a Jump-Start on 2015 which is freely available with registration. Good reporting is at the heart of improving profitability in every law firm. Until firm leaders have access to the data they need in the form that helps them see the big picture and all the smaller ... Read More »

Friday Share: The LegalTech Show in Illustration

The LegalTech Show Illustrated

If pictures are worth a thousand words, doodling might be worth double or triple.  Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported on research identifying the effect of doodling on improving focus and memory: Recent research in neuroscience, psychology and design shows that doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. A blank page also can serve ... Read More »

Citi Private Bank Law Firm Survey Finds More Signs Point Positive

Citi Legal Survey Finds More Signs Point Positive

The growing confidence observed across the US legal industry, including optimism from corporate counsel, at year’s end seems to be continuing. That’s according to the latest Quarterly Flash issued by Citi Private Bank which examined the full year for 2014. According to an executive summary we were sent by email: Law firm revenue grew, profits widened, productivity increased and demand ... Read More »

3 Outcomes of Improving Legal Department Operations

3 Outcomes of Improving Legal Department Operations -head

Technology, analytics and process are the three drivers of corporate legal operational maturity. All three are necessary – and must work in harmony to advance the maturity of legal department operations – and the benefits can be significant. According to Justin Silverman, who leads product management for the LexisNexis CounselLink product, annual savings customers report can come in at ballpark ... Read More »

3 Drivers of Corporate Legal Operational Maturity

3 Drivers of Corporate Legal Operational Maturity

A recent survey of law departments indicated most legal departments are in the early stages of improving the maturity of law department operations. As the chart below indicates, most corporate legal departments say they have deployed technology, but still have much work to be done before having the process and technological maturity to make data driven decisions or even to predict ... Read More »

Most US Presidents Were Lawyers


If you’d like something interesting read about US Presidents that were also lawyers, consider this piece published in 2009 by the ABA Journal:  Fascinating facts about America’s lawyer-presidents.  It includes interesting facts such as: Taft had the most diverse legal career of America’s lawyer-presidents. His resume included service as a city attorney, superior court and federal circuit court judge, law school ... Read More »

Friday Share:  An Essential Guide for Lawyers in Social Media

Friday Share Essential Guide for Lawyers in Social Media

The online publication Attorney at Work recently published a free Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. It’s an impressive piece of work that both breaks down results of a survey of its own readers and bundles a range of useful independent articles. These articles are quick reads and written by reputable personalities in the legal industry including Jared Correia, Gyi ... Read More »

How Law Firms can Generate More Referrals and New Business

How Law Firms can Generate More Referrals and New Business-header

Note:  The following is a guest post by Lee Frederiksen a managing partner at Hinge Marketing. Generating referrals has always been an essential part of law firms’ marketing strategies. In fact, when we asked professional services firms what their biggest marketing priorities were for 2015, generating more referrals was the top priority, with 61.9 percent of respondents citing it. Yet ... Read More »