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Friday Share: Resurrecting the “Dying Art” of ECA

Friday Share Resurrecting the “Dying Art” of ECA

We recently came across an article published in Inside Counsel back in 2012 that now seems highly prescient – and it’s this week’s Friday Share. In his column, “E-Discovery: The Dying Art of Early Case Assessment,” attorney Matthew Prewitt opined that the high stakes of eDiscovery were transforming the traditional idea of smart “early case assessment” (ECA) by trial lawyers ... Read More »

Spring Forward with 6 Legal Tech Webinars for April

Spring Forward with these 6 Legal Tech Webinars for April

Whether springing forward or falling back, those affected by changes for daylight savings are reminded twice a year the value of an hour.   To that end, we put a lot of effort into lining up webinar – that last about an hour – with high quality speakers and content. Below you can find our monthly legal tech roundup with webinars ... Read More »

Corporate Legal: Where the Magic is Happening

Corporate Legal Where the Magic is Happening

To tag on a famous marketing slogan – the corporate legal department today, is not the legal department our parents might have known.  With the swing of the in-house-outside counsel pendulum, legal departments have increasing support from the businesses – but also higher expectations to be strategic partners. Legal departments are more carefully selecting the work that comes in, and ... Read More »

5 Legal Spend Questions with Stuart Maue

Stuart Maue

That legal department budgets have faced increased scrutiny in the last several years isn’t new. However, how corporate legal has responded is usually interesting. The LexisNexis® CounselLink® business recently teamed up with St. Louis-based Stuart, Maue, Ltd., which provides outsourced legal bill review capabilities.  The CounselLink product is well-known for the strength of its automated bill review capabilities to review ... Read More »

10 Useful Corporate Legal Blog Posts

How Corporate Legal Can Predict a $1.3b Budget within $80k

Editor’s Note:  The original content published here has been removed and in place we offer you the following which proved popular with corporate legal and legal operations professionals.   1. Study Suggests 4 Corporate Legal Trends on the Rise Most legal departments are in the 3rd or 4th level along the legal operations maturity model.   It’s the “beginning of the middle” as D. Casey ... Read More »

5 Timeless April Fools’ Jokes for the Legal Community

5 Timeless April Fools’ Jokes for the Legal Community

With April Fools’ Day landing on the last day of the week this year, we are again embracing levity.  This year we are building on the April Fool’s Pranks for Lawyers piece curated on these pages last year. After searching for new gags with an appropriate angle for legal, we’ve added just two more to the list as the theme ... Read More »

Winning Small Law Clients: Tips from a Shoe Salesperson

Want to Win More Clients Watch a Shoe Salesperson, Says Survey

Law firms can learn a thing or two about client service by emulating a Nordstrom shoe salesperson, says a new ABA Benchmark Client Intake Study. The survey, which aims to get a real sense for what prospective clients experience when trying to engage with a law firm, concludes law firms are missing the client service mark in a big way. ... Read More »

3 Law Firm Business Development Imperatives for 2016

3 Law Firm Business Development Imperatives for 2016

It takes 30,000 or 40,000 hours of practice to become an expert litigator, according to one large law firm partner.  To date, including the very seminar that partner was attending, he had spent a grand total of just a few hours honing his business development skills. If attorneys can accept that the practice of law is a skill that’s learned ... Read More »

Key Considerations Before Buying an eDiscovery Platform

Key Considerations Before Buying an eDiscovery Platform

With a number of legal software companies introducing new eDiscovery products recently, it’s understandable that many law firm CIOs and in-house legal departments are scratching their heads about which platform might be the best fit for their unique needs. Legaltech News tackled this challenge recently and spoke to a pair of prominent eDiscovery attorneys for advice about the questions that ... Read More »

Don’t Use Ugly Data: 5 Secrets for Small Law Firm Accounting

Don’t Use Ugly Data 5 Secrets for Small Law Firm Accounting

“Nobody wants to look at ugly data,” says Tyler Chapman. He finds offering stakeholders sloppy and unpolished reports is one of the biggest accounting blunders law firm accounting staff can make. Instead, the LexisNexis business consultant recommends staff consider the audience first and customize reports for easy absorption. Polished reports are a function of process – and good process breeds ... Read More »