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Friday Share: eyeWitness to Atrocities

eyeWitness to Atrocities

Earlier this month, the International Bar Association (IBA) released a mobile phone app – eyeWitness to Atrocities – for “documenting and reporting human rights atrocities in a secure and verifiable way so the information can be used as evidence in a court of law.” The intent of the project is to help solve a sizable legal gap amid the growing ... Read More »

4 Easy Tips for Law Firm Client Team Programs

4 Easy Tips for Law Firm Client Team Programs

Most law firms – some 80% have client team programs, but just 39% of firms say these teams are “successful” according to Bryan Austin a law firm client advisor with the LexisNexis® InterAction® group. The data comes from a range of market research sources including surveys and interviews conducted with the InterAction client base.  Upwards of 90% of the Am ... Read More »

Case Study: Art and Science for the Corporate Legal Department

Art and Science for the Corporate Legal Department

Driving efficiency often requires change management – and change management “is really about people.” That’s according to VMware® VP and Deputy General Counsel Aine Lyons for Worldwide Legal Operations, as described by the Association for Corporate Counsel (ACC) in a case study about the ACC Value Challenge awards:  Scaling, Streamlining, and Succeeding:  Transforming Legal Services to Support the Corporate Vision. ... Read More »

A Cheat Sheet for 5 Recent Legal Industry Studies

A Cheat Sheet for 5 Recent Legal Industry Studies

The volume of digital information created everyday is eight times greater than that in all U.S. libraries.  It’s daunting to say the least and the legal industry too produces an impressive volume in the form of data, surveys and reports. Over the last few weeks, there have been a flurry of legal industry studies published, and while we haven’t gotten ... Read More »

A Tricky Email Scam and Avoiding Law Firm Malpractice

An Email Scam that Tricks Lawyers and Avoiding Malpractice

Ever get a promising email from royalty in a foreign land?  The would-be pen pal writes in such emails that he or she is due a large sum of money, and those who oblige to help recover it, will be rewarded by getting to keep a hefty sum of the total. It seems nearly everyone has seen these scams, but ... Read More »

Photo Finish: 9 Visuals from the LexisNexis Ironman Raleigh 70.3

lexisnexis ironman raleigh

For the second consecutive year, we sponsored, volunteered and competed in the LexisNexis® Ironman Raleigh 70.3 presented by PNC. Sure the sponsorship presents the opportunity to build the LexisNexis brand in the local Raleigh community – most people in our back yard don’t realize how much our local offices have grown or the opportunities (arguably, the largest concentration of legal ... Read More »

Building Client-Value Processes Into Law Firm Client Intake

Building Client-Value Processes Into Law Firm Client Intake

Every buttoned-up law firm builds protective measures into client intake. Whether it’s conflict searches, sending out engagement letters for signatures, setting up matters in practice or financial management software or any of the day-to-day tasks that play a key role in establishing proper records and conducting due diligence, all are considered standard processes for shielding the firm, and the client, ... Read More »

The Business Case for Law Firm Practice Management ROI

Case of the Cloud in Law Firm Practice Management

If the equation for return on investment (ROI) equals the gain from an investment, minus the cost of the investment, and in turn divided by the cost of the investment, then the ROI for law firm practice management could exceed 4000%. This estimate comes from a report published by Blue Hill Research titled Building a Business Case for Law Practice ... Read More »

5 Steps on the Road to Leveraging Machine Intelligence in Legal

5 Steps on the Road to Leveraging Machine Intelligence

Note: The following is a guest post from Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line within the LexisNexis software division. Lawyers and legal technology professionals are struggling to grasp the vast potential of “machine intelligence” to reinvent the way we litigate in the U.S. A 2011 article in the New York Times reported on the broad sense that we ... Read More »

The 10 Most Popular Business of Law Blog Posts Among 70

Metrics Invoices and LMA The Most Popular Among 70 Blog Posts-head

In the 90 or so days spanning the months of March, April and May (2015), we’ve published upwards of 70 posts.  It’s always interesting to see what posts resonate with the legal community, so what follows below is a summary of the top 10 posts for the last three months. It’s worth noting the analysis is driven by reader clicks ... Read More »