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Building a Case for a Small Law Firm Blog

Building a Case for a Small Law Firm Blog

As a self-described “young female litigator” three years ago she was looking for an outlet – a means to think, write and perhaps connect.  She started a blog – The Limber Lawyer – and something magical happened:  people started reading it.   And her musings opened up opportunities. For Victoria Santoro, an associate with the Boston-based law firm Meehan, Boyle, Black ... Read More »

Trends, Spends and Clouds: 3 Takeaways from LegalTech Bloggers

3 Takeaways from the LegalTech Bloggers Breakfast-1

The annual Bloggers Breakfast at LegalTech aimed to address three pressing questions this year: 1. Is the US legal market on a path for revival? 2. What tech trends do you expect to see in 2015? 3. How did cloud technologies played out in 2014 and what’s in store for 2015? Ron Friedman published an exceptional live blog of the ... Read More »

Reaching In-House Counsel with Corporate Journalism and LinkedIn

Reaching In-House Counsel with Corporate Journalism and LinkedIn

Note:  The following is a guest post by Larry Bodine. Corporate clients are feeling an information overload from all the marketing newsletters, blogs and social media updates sent out by law firms. But new research proves that lawyers can cut through the clutter by publishing “corporate journalism” and by interacting with in-house counsel on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is another good way ... Read More »

25 Essential Legal Blogs and Free LegalTech Bloggers’ Breakfast

legaltech NY, #LNTY

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but if you are a blogger headed to LegalTech New York this year, there is a free breakfast.  The LegalTech schedule lists a Bloggers’ Breakfast event on the calendar for the second day of the conference.  The bloggers breakfast will be held on February 5, 2014 from 9:00-10:00 a.m. in ... Read More »