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Insight into the World of Legal Marketing in 2020: Here’s What the LexisNexis InterAction Survey Reveals

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Thanks to the pandemic, law firm marketing, sales, and business development (BD) efforts took a massive hit in 2020—much like other commercial functions. As the latest 2021 LexisNexis InterAction Marketing & Business Development Survey reveals, 66% of law firms found their BD and sales to be more difficult, requiring professionals to devise new strategies to win new business and retain existing ... Read More »

Trust Yourself with Trust Accounting


As attorneys, we understand the general concept of trust accounts, and that misuse of the same can cost us our bar cards. But, do we really trust ourselves with trust accounting? Attorneys who receive retainers from their clients take on the role of a fiduciary, per their state bar’s rules. Up to and until the attorney has worked that case ... Read More »

Ignoring Software Updates? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t…


We get it. Updating your software just isn’t high on the priority list. You see the red dot attached to your mobile app that indicates an update is available. A pop-up appears on your computer screen that the new version of your software is ready to install. You get an email that the latest version of your software has been ... Read More »

Successful Business Development in the Changing Legal Industry

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For law firms, how we bring in new business continues to change and evolve. While COVID-19 adds additional considerations and even challenges, it certainly wasn’t the catalyst for the changes that have been taking place in our industry’s business development processes. There’s increased competition, new channels for marketing, easier access to reviews, and the ability to make much more informed ... Read More »

Reporting Made Easy

People are paying a lot more attention to creating reports these days, especially with all the new technology available to collect more and more data. Now it seems like there’s a different report for every aspect of your business along with a variety of solutions for pulling reports, showing reports, and interpreting reports. Firms are discovering how important it is ... Read More »

Embracing Technology to Improve the Invoice-to-Cash Process

Cash flow is critical to any business, and for law firms, growing the bottom line is always a concern. With profits under pressure across the legal industry, improving the invoice payment cycle and streamlining the payment process are more important than ever. Many law firms are looking to their accounts receivable (A/R) departments for ways to increase their finances, in ... Read More »

Five Steps to Law Firm Marketing Planning in 2021

In a year when most marketing plans had to completely change, it can be daunting to think about planning your 2021 marketing. COVID-19 altered the landscape for most industries, including the legal industry in 2020, and it’s not clear how long those effects will last. Is it even possible to come up with a good marketing plan at this point? ... Read More »

Q&A with Mo Bunnell: LexisNexis InterAction Teams Up with Bunnell Idea Group

Strategic business development (BD) is critical to support firm growth and achieving individual objectives, but BD techniques are typically not taught in law school. At its core, BD is about building and proactively managing authentic professional relationships. Now more than ever, technology can help support and facilitate a more systematic approach to business development. LexisNexis® InterAction® is teaming up with ... Read More »

Reaching the Peak of Data Mountain: One Firm’s Story of Data Quality Triumph


Need some Data Quality inspiration? I’ve recently witnessed a 180° turnaround by one of our clients.  Their results were so inspiring, I knew immediately I needed to share their journey. For those of you who know you need to do something about your data, here’s a success story and some perspective on the reality of getting it done. Will it ... Read More »

Business Analytics: Far from Home?

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If the idea of pulling business intelligence (BI) and analytics from your customer relationship management (CRM) data leaves you feeling like you’re in an unfamiliar place, you’re not alone. But don’t worry—it doesn’t take a CRM superhero to make the most of your data. However, even superheroes such as Spider-Man find themselves in unfamiliar places, feeling far from home sometimes. ... Read More »