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9 Reasons to Love LexisNexis Firm Manager for Law Firm Practice Management

Note:  This post was originally posted by Christopher T. Anderson, who previously served as a LexisNexis product manager. 

Today at LegalTech New York 2014, we’ve launched new visions for the LexisNexis Firm Manager solution, a law firm practice management tool based in “the law cloud.”

What makes it so different? It was designed by attorneys, for attorneys. It’s literally been in testing by customers for more than a year and it is a completely re-designed product built from the ground up to help independent attorneys stay on top of their practices, better serve their clients, and get back to what they are best at; practicing law.

Filled with the features an independent attorney or small law firm needs, we’re offering a 30-day free trial. Here are 10 reasons why you’ll love it:

1. Elegant simplicity. When most people turn on a smart phone – users intuitively know where they need to go next. We’ve used the same design principles in this service.

2. Client Billing. Flat fee or hourly, contingent or value-based, the service helps you capture your time and expenses, and to prepare invoices your clients will pay, easily and timely. Combined with trust accounting that helps you maintain records of client funds, and show you, and your client, where they stand, Firm Manager’s billing works the way you do … the way it should.

3. Familiar calendaring. Attorneys live by their calendars. The Firm Manager dashboard is a view of all the appointments, meetings, tasks and deadlines an attorney might have for a period of time of their choosing. The full calendar view works how attorneys expect it to. It is simple to use, powerful in its ability to show where you need to be, and when you need to be there.

4. Drag & drop document uploading. Who has time to fumble around trying to upload documents? No attorneys we know do. Uploading is fast and easy and we’ve even added a quick virus scan that will analyze documents in seconds so you can be sure they are clean.

5. Search like the leading search engine. Have you ever used a search engine? Of course you have! Searching through files in the Firm Manager cloud is just that easy. Your search finds information you have added to Firm Manager, as well as full text of documents you have added, and has an added benefit in scanning (see #4).

6. Conflict checking. The service provides a simple work flow for either making a decision about a conflict – or to assigning it to another staff member to investigate. The generational search feature remembers previous conflict searches, which enables an attorney to defend the basis of their conflict decision even years later based on the information the attorney had at the time of the search.

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7. Recover billable hours you may have missed. Research shows on average, attorneys lose track of more than 30% of their billable time. The unbilled time feature, coming later this quarter, automatically searches through tasks, meetings and documents created in the Firm Manager cloud and flags those that have not been associated with an account for billing for review.

8. Anywhere and anytime access. Get home from the office and wish you had access to your documents? Now you do! With the Firm Manager service, you can access your files from anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.

9. Safe and secure. This service brings the knowledge and experience LexisNexis has in working with attorneys. It’s designed for lawyers – and works the way you’d expect it to work. The data in your account is yours – you can have it back anytime you want – and you have the peace of mind knowing we’ve done the due diligence to keep security top notch.

I’m at the show – so stop by Booth #100 and we’d be delighted to provide you a quick demonstration. So give us a shot and sign up for a free trial of LexisNexis Firm Manager. We’ll look for you in the cloud!

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Frank Strong
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