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Meta Data: 51+ Posts Summarizing the 2014 #ABATECHSHOW

51 Posts from the 2014 #ABATECHSHOW

We’ve had a couple days sift through the mass of social media posts, articles and blogs about the ABA TECHSHOW – word plethora comes to mind.  By way of Twitter comparison:

One difference in terms of coverage generated is that the ABA Journal did an amazing job covering the sessions, news and the conference. There are several links to the ABA Journal’s coverage included below.  In addition, the March/April edition of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine is still quite timely and relevant to the show.

Here are the 51 posts we’ve curated that summarize the ABA TECHSHOW:

Key note summaries

  1. ABA Journal: Startup Lab’s leader has 3 lessons for legal innovators
  2. The Droid Lawyer: Rick Klau’s ABA TECHSHOW 2014 Keynote…
  3. LXBN: Twitter Recap: Google Ventures’ Rick Klau Gives ABA TECHSHOW Keynote

Session summaries

  1. ABA Journal: Tools for lawyers worried that NSA is eavesdropping…
  2. ABA Journal: Watergate’s lasting legacy is to legal ethics reform, says John Dean
  3. ABA Journal: 4 types of employees who put your cybersecurity at risk…
  4. ABA Journal: Ethics rulings tell lawyers to seek security when in the cloud
  5. ABA Journal: Can small firms compete with BigLaw for a fraction of the cost?
  6. ABA Journal: In-house lawyers face technological minefield…
  7. ABA Journal: Tech-savvy litigators give advice and recommend tools
  8. Business of Law Blog: 7 Takeaways from a Geek’s Presentation on Law Firm Pricing
  9. Business of Law Blog: Session:  5 Effective Law Firm Billing Techniques…

Product News & Promotions

  1. LawSites: Top 10 Product Announcements at ABA Techshow
  2. ABA Journal: What were the most important product announcements at Techshow?
  3. ABA Journal: Check out swag from the ABA Techshow (gallery)
  4. The MacLawyer: The Best Swag from ABA TECHSHOW
  5. The MacLawyer: Visual Notes: iGadgets and iGear for the iLawyer
  6. Carter Law Firm (Google Hangout): The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers
  7. Business of Law Blog: LexisNexis Firm Manager Unveils the “Money Finder”
  8. Business of Law Blog: The Essential Survival Guide for the Independent Attorney
  9. Business of Law Blog: Independent Attorney’s Guide to the #ABATECHSHOW
  10. Attorney at Work: Trending: Legal Technology on the Rise
  11. Jason Wilson: Here is your 2014 ABA TechShow Vendor list
  12. ABA TECHSHOW blog: 60 Sites in 60 Minutes: The 2014 List
  13. iPhone J.D.: 60 Apps in 60 Minutes 2014
  14. Compujurist: New 100 Best Android Apps List: Just in time for ABA TECHSHOW!

Observations and analysis

  1. Thoughtful Legal Management: A Story from ABA TECHSHOW
  2. iPhone J.D.: Pictures from TECHSHOW 2014
  3. Third Apple: Inspirations from #ABATECHSHOW 2014
  4. Third Apple: Short reflections on #ABATECHSHOW 2014
  5. Real Lawyers Have Blogs: Legal technology companies starved for social media…
  6. Ride the Lightening: ABA TECHSHOW 2014 – The Usual Information Overload…
  7. Roland Schorr & Tower: Conferences Are About People
  8. ABA Journal: Law bloggers sum up their time spent offline and face-to-face at Techshow
  9. Business of Law Blog: 16 Stats from the State of Legal Technology #ABATECHSHOW
  10. Business of Law Blog: 5 Posts Reflecting on Last Year’s ABA TECHSHOW
  11. The Droid Lawyer: ABA TECHSHOW 2014 Round-up and Review
  12. The Droid Lawyer: ABA TECHSHOW Live Blog
  13. Lawyerist: #ABATechShow 2014 Liveblog
  14. Lawyerist: The Future of Practice Management is in the Cloud
  15. Lawyerist: The 5 Most Provocative #ABATechShow Session Titles
  16. Associate’s Mind: A Grain Of Salt To Go With The #ABATECHSHOW
  17. Legal Current: ABA Techshow: Day one recap
  18. Legal Current: ABA Techshow: Day two recap


  1. ABA Journal: Fifth LexThink.1 stresses greater collaboration for lawyers…
  2. Lawyerist: #LexThink.1 Liveblog from #ABATechShow 2014
  3. Victor Li Storify: #LexThink.1 Live Tweetstream
  4. Lawyerist: Get Your #LexThink.1 Bingo Card
  5. Business of Law Blog: #LexThink: Lean Startup for Lawyers
  6. Business of Law Blog: Disruption in the Legal Industry Flows from Clients
  7. Inside Legal: LexThink.1 2014 ‘End of Irrelevance’ Speakers Announced!
  8. The [Non] Billable Hour: LexThink.1: The End of Irrelevance

* * *

Did you write a post that we missed? Please drop a link in the comments and we’ll consider adding it to the list. We’ll also update the list as we see new posts publish.

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I don't follow #ILTA, but much of the #LTNY stream is merely vendor pitches ("stop by booth 415") and other meaningless blather ("so excited to be going to #LTNY"). I suspect that analysis would reveal that #ABATECHSHOW attendees share at least as much (if not more) substantive information on the hashtag, and make more IRL connections, than #LTNY attendees. That's fairly significant when you consider that #LTNY is many times larger than #ABATECHSHOW.


@LisaSolomon  It's a fair point Lisa, say perhaps 1,300 vs 13,000 attendees?  The size of LNTY notwithstanding, ABA TECHSHOW had a good showing for social. There were plenty of pitches in the ABA TECHSHOW stream too -- and no doubt we contributed some of that -- but I think we'd agree with you there's a much tighter, more integrated group of people at TECHSHOW. 


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