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Should You Upgrade your Law Firm Practice Software?

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Note:  The following is a guest post by Steven Best of Affinity Consulting.

Here it comes again.  Your software vendor is releasing a new software update.  Should you upgrade?  How many times are we supposed to put up with this?

As annoying as you may find it, and as irked as you may be at the price of the upgrade, upgrading is truly in a law firm’s best interest.  Why?  Software companies exist under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep up with three simultaneous market dynamics.

  1. Patches. The latest patches published for the underlying operating systems.
  2. Customers. Demands for new features from their users.
  3. Competitors. Keeping up with the competition.

As inconvenient as it may seem, upgrading your traditional software ensures that your users have the most recent software code.  This is important because your software code is required to interact with a range of operating systems, office networks and varying degrees of other software (installed on said office infrastructure which can impact the performance of the software system at hand).

To explain what this means to those without a technical background, I often remind users of high school science experiments where you have constants and variables.  The constant in this equation is the software while the variable is your computer or network in which it is installed.  Upgrading is the best way to ensure that the software will run as a constant – or rather you expect it to run…without error, quickly, efficiently and accurately.

However, there’s another reason and that’s to take advantages of new features.  Even if you don’t think that a new feature will impact your firm or practice, it is worth having the option in the future.  Things change, businesses grow and law firms earn new clients – and it is good to have options.

If you use traditional, premise or installed software for law firm practice management it’s worth your while to upgrade your products.

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Mr. Best is an attorney and a LexisNexis Certified Independent Consultant. A previous version of this post was published on his Law Tech Blog.

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