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5 Litigation Support Tech Trends from 2014 ILTA Survey

5 Litigation Support Tech Trends from 2014 ILTA Survey

Note:  The following is a guest post from Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line within the LexisNexis software division.

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)’s annual Technology Survey was just released, reporting on a wide range of legal IT trends across the past four years, based on the input of 454 law firms nationwide.

One of the areas of focus for the survey once again this year was Litigation Support and there were five intriguing trends that we spotted in those results:

1. Mid-sized law firms most likely to be centralized

The survey found that law firms with 150-349 attorneys are most likely to be fully centralized when it comes to decisions about litigation support technology (48%), followed by those with 50-149 attorneys (47%) and those with 350-699 attorneys (39%). Interestingly, just 19% of large firms with 700 or more attorneys are fully centralized.

2. ECA tools growing slowly 

The use of early case assessment (ECA) software tools is gradually increasing in the litigation support industry, with 37% of law firms reporting the use of in-house processing/ECA tools in 2014, up from 34% last year and 33% in 2012. The number-one product in this category is LexisNexis LAW PreDiscovery, followed by eCapture and Clearwell.

3. Venerable names still lead pack for eDiscovery 

The survey confirmed that established brands are still the most popular choices for eDiscovery and trial preparation, with Summation, the LexisNexis CaseMap suite, LexisNexis Concordance, Relativity and Summation Pro in the top five slots.

4. Short list for trial presentation tools 

Just three products in the litigation support marketplace registered among respondents when asked what trial presentation tools they used in 2014: Trial Director, LexisNexis Sanction and TrialPad.

5. Transcript management software used by 8 in 10 firms 

For the third consecutive year, approximately 80% of law firms reported using in-house transcript management tools in some capacity. The top three products in the space were once again Summation, LiveNote and LexisNexis TextMap.

* * *

How do these findings from the ILTA survey compare with your law office’s use of litigation support technology in 2014? Do you have any planned changes in the works for 2015?

Photo: Screen capture, ILTA’s 2014 Technology Survey, page 138 

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