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Friday Share: The LegalTech Show in Illustration

The LegalTech Show Illustrated

If pictures are worth a thousand words, doodling might be worth double or triple.  Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported on research identifying the effect of doodling on improving focus and memory:

Recent research in neuroscience, psychology and design shows that doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. A blank page also can serve as an extended playing field for the brain, allowing people to revise and improve on creative thoughts and ideas.

Perhaps the concept can work for sessions at trade shows as well.

LegalTech in Graphical Format

Graphic facilitation may well be an adaptation of illustration or doodling for business – and they started gaining prominence at legal industry trade shows early last year.  This year at the 2015 LegalTech NY show we commissioned a graphical facilitator – Jeannel King – to draw a visual representation from three sessions.  These illustrations are this week’s Friday Share.

1. Building your Practice on a Passion 

(click here or image for larger view)

legaltech -Building your Practice on a Passion-small

This session was to be presented by Attorney John R. Szymankiewicz – the Beer Lawyer – but the weather on the first day affected travel. Fortunately, Christopher T. Anderson and Penn Dodson, both of whom have firsthand experience growing a small law firm, were able to provide the presentation.

Illustration highlights:

  • Building a law firm is building a business
  • Leverage time and resources activates and focus on expertise
  • Manage cash flow
  • Go “lean” and save time and energy

Additional reading:

2. Microsoft® Office 365™ for Lawyers 

(click here or image for larger view)

legaltech - Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers-small

This session was presented by speakers Ben Schorr and Lisa Solomon, Esq.  Mr. Schorr has authored a book by the same title which can be found on the ABA’s online store.

Illustration highlights:

  • The productivity solution includes both software and services
  • Software includes typical productivity tools many lawyers use
  • Services include options for communicating, collaboration and storage
  • There are options – be sure to get the right solution for your firm
  • Review and use security and auto-encryption features

Additional reading:

3. Seven Secrets to Overcoming Underearning

(click here or image for larger view)

legaltech-Seven Secrets to Overcoming Underearning - small

This session was presented by Ann Guinn of G&P Associates and Attorney Lynda J. Grant – Ms. Guinn has also published a book available on the ABA’s online store.

Illustration highlights:

  • Under earning is largely attributed to choices
  • Maintain visibility of track realization rates, receivables and vital metrics
  • Secrets to increased earnings:
    1. Acknowledge and commit to change
    2. Identify and analyze your trouble spots
    3. Set personal achievement goals and develop a plan
    4. Set a daily goal
    5. Pay attention to your practice
    6. Spend time every day on marketing
    7. Delegate (especially un-billable tasks)

Additional reading:

* * *

The previously cited Wall Street Journal story included this data point which sums up the science:

Some researchers suspect doodling may help the brain remain active by engaging its “default networks”—regions that maintain a baseline of activity in the cerebral cortex when outside stimuli are absent, the Lancet study says. People who were encouraged to doodle while listening to a list of people’s names being read were able to remember 29% more of the information on a surprise quiz later, according to a 2009 study in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

What’s your take on the illustrations or graphical representations – is it a useful exercise?

Photo credit:  Flickr, Patrick Hoesly, (CC BY 2.0)

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