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Customer Case Study:  Tax Law Meets PCLaw

Customer Case Study  Tax Law Meets PCLaw

After 8 years litigating civil tax cases for the Department of Justice Tax Division and 12 years with a law firm, Attorney Robert Nath made a life-changing decision: He hung out a law shingle.

While his work ethic was strong and his tax experience and business smarts considerable (he’s authored a series of books on How the IRS Operates), his decision to go solo meant giving up a small army of law clerks, paralegals, administrative assistants and office managers, each with skills he knew he would need to replace in order to build a successful firm.

No surprise coming from any attorney, much less one of his experience, Mr. Nath wanted to build a successful, profitable practice by getting and serving clients and totally minimizing the paperwork (actual or electronic).

“In my previous position, I didn’t have to be concerned as much with billing or keeping accounting in check,” he said. “What I was concerned with was creating a persuasive and effective case, and best serving the client. My previous firm and the government both had excellent administrative staffs working full-time to handle the non-legal work.”


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Since going out on his own 11 years ago, Mr. Nath has successfully delegated almost all of those otherwise time-draining administrative tasks to technology: the LexisNexis® PCLaw® client, matter, billing and accounting software.

Here are 5 benefits Mr. Nath finds in PCLaw:

1. Financial organization and control. 

“Keeping my firm’s finances organized and in control is critical. Trust accounting, operating accounts…keeping track of the money is absolutely essential for success. PCLaw won’t let you screw it up. There’s no possibility of making a mistake.”

2.  Reduce the time spent on non-billable tasks. 

“Among the most attractive features of PCLaw is that you only enter data once,” says Mr. Nath, who estimates he saves three to four hours a month doing his billing with PCLaw. “It keeps time, calculates rates, and creates pre-bills and bills from one time entry.”

3. Visibility into “Am I making Money.”

“PCLaw gives you more reports than you could ever need,” Nath says, including those he personally considers absolutely essential: “Financial statements, especially P&L and GL. You know your gross and net instantly. Also productivity, by attorney, and/or in total, and for any date range.”

4.  Improve client responsiveness. 

“If a client needs to know how much is deductible on an asset, I can answer in seconds,” and ““If I get a call like I did today from a client asking, ‘How much did I pay you last year, Bob? I need to deduct it on my taxes,’ I can go to ‘Client’ and ‘Accounting Ledger’ and within 10 seconds I’ve got the info emailed to him,” he said. “PCLaw is excellent.”

5. High marks for customer support. 

“When I do need help with something, I can call and speak to a real person who knows what they’re doing,” said Mr. Nath, who stays up to date with the latest versions and upgrades of PCLaw with the annual maintenance plan. “They’re always there to help.”

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