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Infographic Friday: 6 Types of Lawyers

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A week or two ago we spotted and interesting graphic created by Chris Hargreaves, lawyer at a large law firm in Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Hargreaves, who pens a website called “Tips for Lawyers” writes that he has:

identified six personality types that I’ve observed in my time on legal practice. They are not exclusive, nor are they designed to be self-contained. It might be that you have a little of one category in a little of another.

The graphic is pasted nearby and it is this week’s Friday Share (click here or image for  a larger veiw with better resolution).

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Six Lawyer from Down Under      

Here are the cliff notes to his categories of lawyers – we’re wondering which one is the rainmaker.  We’d bet on the “cool kids” but wonder if that makes us the “gambler” variety.

1.  Cool Kids.  These young attorneys know how to work a room and have the appearance of wisdom beyond their years. Mr. Hargreaves writes, “even without a strong foundation facts, and they can be perceived as older than they actually are.”

2.  Yes I Can.  There’s nothing this attorney thinks he or she can’t do, according to the author.  Except for the idea he or she may be prone to bite off more than they can chew and “have a tendency to take on more than they should.”

3.  Teacher.  A walking version of LexisNexis research perhaps, Mr. Hargreaves says this attorney has an “uncanny ability to recall cases” yet sometimes struggles with client communications.

4. Gambler.  This risk-taking lawyer may pack a parachute and strike a chord with clients.  However the author says he or she comes with caveats as “bravado can get in the way of sensible decision-making.”

5.  Volatile.  This lawyer means business, though he or she may prove a challenging colleague.  When deadline press, this attorney just might be the right lawyer to have in your corner as Mr. Hargreaves notes, “The upside to the volatile lawyer is that they do get things done.”

6.  It’s All Okay. “Cool, calm and collected,” he writes noting this attorneys is unfazed by the ups and downs that come with task of providing legal counsel.  The author wonders, however, if “they are taking things seriously.”

* * *

Myers-Briggs aside, we suspect Mr. Hargreaves was having a little fun when he drafted up the art work – though we’d welcome feedback from US attorneys.  Are there parallels? Which would you add or change?

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Photo credits: Chris Hargreaves

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Hey there guys and thanks for sharing this.

Interesting question re: Rainmaker - I reckon that a rainmaker could be any of these, a combination, or perhaps none of them.

Each of the personality types here has an opportunity to build the business - what might change is how they go about doing it :-)

Oh and you're right - mostly this was a bit of fun :-)

Thanks again,