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39 Articles and Blog Posts Summarizing the 2015 #ILTACON

39 Articles and Blog Posts Summarizing the 2015 ILTACON

Thirty-nine posts is one better than the 38 summarizing the 2013 annual ILTA conference – the last time it was held in Las Vegas. In the 2015 summary, we’ve added the stats, quips and quotes, which is an idea borrowed from our summary in 2014.

There was an impressive volume of coverage stemming from the conference and especially solid summaries from the sessions – most notably from Legaltech NewsAbove the Law and the PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest.  The latter is a free email newsletter edited by Jeffrey Brandt, registered the “biggest readership gains” in 2014 and is essential reading for all things legal tech.

The mix below is a curated list including our own coverage and that from around the web.  This year’s compilation is this week’s Friday Share.

ILTACON Product or Industry News

  1. International Legal Technology Association: Winners of 2015 Distinguished Peer Awards
  2. Above the Law: ILTACON Exhibits: The End of Fairy Tales (Part 1)
  3. Above the Law: ILTACON Exhibits: The End of Fairy Tales (Part 2)
  4. Above the Law: Today’s Tech: ILTACON And IgniteLaw
  5. Legaltech News: LexisNexis Unveils Law-Targeted BD Module for InterAction
  6. Legaltech News: Survey: Legal Security Spending on the Rise
  7. Legal IT Professionals: Riverview Law acquires US tech business to advance use of AI
  8. Legaltech News: How Microsoft’s Matter Management Solution Takes the Inside Out
  9. Legal IT Insider: LexisNexis launches cloud-based Biz Dev module for InterAction CRM
  10. InsideLegal: ILTA Firms Recognize Vendors That Provide Exceptional…
  11. InsideLegal: 2015 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey
  12. Business of Law Blog: 4 Takeaways from the InsideLegal and ILTA Purchasing Survey
  13. Business of Law Blog: Early Case Assessment:  The Haystack is Getting Bigger
  14. Business of Law Blog: LexisNexis InterAction Unveils Law Firm BD Module

ILTACON Session Summaries

  1. Legaltech News: ILTACON 2015 Kicks Off with Inspirational Keynote
  2. Legaltech News: Avoiding Common E-Discovery Pitfalls with Warnings from Experts
  3. Legaltech News: Juggling and Task Switching: Multitasking Lessons from ILTACON
  4. Legaltech News: What About Watson? Cognitive Technology in the Law Office…
  5. Legaltech News: Legal Chiefs Address Law Firms’ ‘New Normal’ at ILTACON
  6. Legaltech News: The Firm of the Future: Utilizing IG Assessments to Meet…
  7. Above the Law: ILTACON 2015 — Cultivating Creativity
  8. Above and Beyond KM: G100 CIO Recap
  9. Above and Beyond KM: Implementing Business Practices That Foster Shared Interests
  10. Above and Beyond KM: Revolutionary Integrations
  11. Joseph Raczynski: ILTACON – “Watson, I Need You!” Augmented Intelligence for Legal
  12. Joseph Raczynski: Legal Tech Innovation: Bolstering and Destroying the Legal…
  13. Business of Law Blog: Large Law Debates: Is IT Strategic for Law Firms?
  14. Business of Law Blog: ILTACON on the Future of Law: Better, Faster, Cheaper
  15. Business of Law Blog: ILTACON on IT Security: Unsolvable vs. Risk Management
  16. Business of Law Blog: 3 Pragmatic Ways to Gain Law Firm Partner Buy-In for CRM

ILTACON:  Wrap-ups, Analysis and Just-for-Fun

  1. Above the Law: Lessons Learned at ILTACON
  2. Above the Law: Solutions That Are Being Discussed At ILTACON To Make Law…
  3. Above the Law: The Culture Of ILTACON
  4. Above the Law: The Difference An Inch Makes #ILTAcon (but LexisNexis gets a pass)
  5. 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: On ILTACON and Inches
  6. eDiscovery Daily: Observations from ILTACON: eDiscovery Trends
  7. eDisclosure Information Project: Variety and value at ILTACON 2015 in Las Vegas
  8. LinkedIn: ILTACON 2015 Recap from the Exhibit Hall by @BenTheCIO
  9. Business of Law Blog: ILTACON Song:  “Lawyers Love Lexis” by Legal Bytes

ILTACON Social Media Quips, Stats and Quotables

Social media naturally makes a contribution to a technology show.  The blog network LXBN used Storify to summarize 10 ILTACON sessions  as did knowledge management (KM) guru David Hobbie:  Building Your Innovation Engine At ILTACON 2015.

Going back through our “favorite” status updates from Twitter, here are a few quips, stats and quotables that stood out for us — Mr. Hunt obviously gets our nomination for his prolific tweeting!

  • Technology dollars are often focused on partners in firms, but focus really should be millennials. (Christopher Hunt)
  • Growth rate of jobs in legal profession has grown since 1997, and since 2008 is up 9% for attys 8% for paralegals. (Christopher Hunt)
  • Morgan Lewis used conference style social apps to engage with their summer class during the program (Ted Graham)
  • Who’s evolving faster – law departments or firms? Brenton/NetApp says firms are much slower, and law schools slower still (Catherine J Moynihan)
  • tl;dr of #ILTACON : getting lawyers to do anything is really hard, but don’t worry because they’ll be replaced by robots and algorithms. (Brad Newman)
  • Watson’s handicap on Jeopardy was the ability to physically buzz in. Who knew. (Colleen Cable)
  • 64% men and 36% women are ILTA members currently-actually an improvement over past couple years (K Harrell-Latham)
  • Legal is the only profession where everyone “else” is a non-attorney. You don’t have non-doctors or non-engineers. -Matt Homann (William Caraher)
  • Work is no longer a location. 56% of people send 1st email before work and 73% send after work. (Michelle Spencer)

* * *

Is there a great post that we missed?  Send  us a tweet — @business_of_law — and we’ll consider adding it to the list.

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