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Going Cold Turkey Leads to Cleaner Law Firm Financials

Going Cold Turkey Leads to Cleaner Financials for One Vegas Firm

Note: The following is a post from contributor Carla Del Bove, who provides support to the business of law software product line within the LexisNexis software division.

Ever wonder how to motivate a group of resistant legal time keepers and attorneys steeped in old ways embrace a new way of managing financials?

According to Barbara Fanning, office administrator for the Las Vegas-based law firm of Hansen Rasmussen Attorneys at Law, there’s only one way to go – cold turkey – according to a new case study.

Ms. Fanning, who joined the six attorney firm specializing in insurance defense and product defect liability in 2007, the tipping point came for her when one attorney turned in 10 pages of illegible hand written client notes that needed to be translated into the billable time.

A fan of legal practice management technology from her previous experiences, she says she knew the firm could save upwards of 70 percent of time on unnecessary, time consuming unbillable tasks simply by embracing a time keeping technology.

Previously, she used LexisNexis® PCLaw® and knew the technology would suit her new firm’s needs well.  So instead of worrying about the pushback she would undoubtedly receive when presenting the firm with the technology, she took swift action.

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Going Cold Turkey to Move Ahead

Her first step was a bold one. Instead of spoon feeding the technology slowly to the firm’s time keepers one-by-one, she simply sat them down all together and walked them through the technology, step-by-step.

What happened next, she says, was even a surprise to her, or, as she puts it,

“They picked it up in a minute,” she says and received no pushback at all.

According to Ms. Fanning, as an insurance defense litigation firm, the invoicing process can be a complex one due to split billing, client retainers and complying with online billing process requirements, which vary company by company. However, once the time keepers and attorneys realized the technology could make their lives that much easier, she says, they never looked back.

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There are a range of other PCLaw case studies from firms just like yours freely available online and the team also offers product demonstrations and a 30-day free trial.

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