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6 Enhancements to LexisNexis Software and Litigation Tools

6 Enhancements to LexisNexis Software and Litigation Tools

Note: The following is a guest post from Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line within the LexisNexis software division.

In recent weeks, the LexisNexis software and technology has rolled out software enhancements for a number of products of interest to the legal tech community.

1. Faster Snapshots of eDiscovery Data

A new version of the LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer (EDA) software was released.  This version includes a new web dashboard that allows users to view case documents on a document timeline – and then drill-in to explore individual documents in the timeframe they choose. The benefit delivered is a faster snapshot of the data collected in the case and more precise access to specific documents that are likely to be relevant during the review phase of eDiscovery.

The product is part of the early case assessment (ECA) category of tools, according to product director Aaron Pierce.  He notes ECA tools provide an earlier look at the data – a response to pressure from attorneys to understand the facts of the case sooner.

The new release, version 1.9 for the EDA software, also introduces the ability to export data from EDA directly into the LAW PreDiscovery™ solution – an advanced imaging and eDiscovery software application. This direct export feature means that users can quickly cull data and perform early case assessment in the EDA software and then export the refined set of data to the LAW PreDiscovery tool for production.  This is a time saver that provides significant speed to the processing cycle.

It’s the second significant update to the product this year. A version released in May 2015, provided enhanced search and reporting.

2. Expanded De-Duplication

At the same time, LexisNexis also introduced a new version of the LAW PreDiscovery tool itself, which includes a new software licensing interface that allows customers to more easily manage user licenses, and new features that make it easier to de-duplicate data – such as calendar items, contacts, tasks – in addition to email.  The LAW PreDiscovery 6.9 software also features improved OCR reliability and the ability to add a Global Unique Identifier (GUID) to all documents in a case.

Also see: Administrating LAW PreDiscovery: Tips and Tricks

3. “Light eDiscovery” added to Case Analysis 

The latest version of the award-winning CaseMap® 12 software, was enhanced with new features to assist with document review and production in smaller cases.  Light eDiscovery tasks benefit litigation teams with greater efficiency and time and cost savings.

Legaltech News reported on the new version and elicited some interesting facts:

Among law firms which handle these smaller scale cases, LexisNexis has found in surveys that “almost half of the respondents indicate that cases involving e-discovery account for more than 50% of their cases, while another 44 percent of respondents state that e-discovery cases attribute up to half of the firm’s total cases,” Steven Ashbacher, vice president and general manager, Litigation Solutions at LexisNexis, told Legaltech News. In addition, of these law firms, 84 percent of the respondents said that, “less than 5,000 documents are managed in small cases involving e-discovery,” he added.

The new CaseMap version came on the heels of an announcement that software is now integrated with Lexis Advance®, providing users of the CaseMap software with one-click access to a wide range of valuable content and insights from Lexis Advance — the dynamic, next generation legal information product from LexisNexis — delivering impressive time savings and improved workflow.

The product offers a free demonstration and a free trial.

4. Integrating Cloud Practice Management with Email

A new version of the Firm Manager practice management solution, added email integration and a data export tool to a growing list of enhanced functionality requested by customers without compromising the elegant simplicity of the product:

“The new email integration in the Firm Manager platform provides the capability to automatically save emails – and email attachments – with an associated client case in the matter management system. For example, if an attorney emails an engagement letter or strategy document to a client, a unique identification number will associate that email record with the appropriate case file. The integration works with virtually any email application, whether desktop or web-based.”

Since the update, the Firm Manager team has provided an additional update including a data import tool, new welcome page and began the internationalization of addresses and languages.

The product offers a 30-day free trial.

5. ISO Cert for Managed Services

The LexisNexis Managed Technology Services business has obtained ISO 27001 certification for information management and data security. This certification benefits litigation teams that engage LexisNexis to host their data or eDiscovery software applications by assuring them of the company’s compliance with global standards for information security management systems.

6. New Tech for Law Firm Business Development

A new business development module for the InterAction® CRM product line – Business Edge — that is specifically designed for large law firms. The module empowers the organization to build firm-wide client relationships, uncover new business opportunities, enhance client service and loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and ultimately provide information to drive profitable growth.

Over the summer, the company also rolled out a new IQ module for the InterAction product, which enables law firm business development staff to automatically update contact information with the freshest data available – and more effectively evaluate the strength of engagement between the entire law firm and its clients.

* * *

These innovative new software offerings provide examples of the transformation in legal software that LexisNexis is making through its growing Technology Center of Excellence in Raleigh, N.C.  The business unit now employs more than 400 legal tech professionals, which is arguably the largest concentration in the U.S.

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Peter Cabrera1
Peter Cabrera1

Light eDiscovery tasks benefit litigation teams with greater efficiency and time and cost savings is so cool.CaseMap is a great tool for lawyers too.


The new update of faster snapshot is interesting and great.It's advance features are really amazing.This kind of software really helps in doing tasks more efficiently.