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The Client Wow Factor in a Digital Law Firm Transformation

The Client Wow Factor in a Digital Law Firm Transformation

Randolph Coleman impresses his clients by fielding client inquiries about older cases in seconds rather than days. He keeps the information at his fingertips but also ensures the data is protected with enterprise-grade security.

It might seem like a tall order for some firms. However, what makes Mr. Coleman and his Jacksonville, Florida-based law firm, The Coleman Law Firm PLLC, unique from others, involves one simple commitment: wowing clients at every touch point.

His story was published in a new LexisNexis® Time Matters® case study where he notes, “Time Matters is the lifeblood of our firm.

In a dedication to client service, Mr. Coleman made the decision to take his firm paperless more than a decade ago. The process, which involved archiving every detail of every client interaction going back to 1995, he admits, took several weeks to complete. However, the decision pays itself forward every day.

“We have a whole history of everything we’ve done for clients,” he says in the case study. “And with the timeline, I’m able to pull that up and see where, okay, I met with these folks on this date and we met again on this date and they came in and signed their documents on this date, and this is what happened in-between.”

The benefit of going digital is beyond efficiency – it is having the ability to look up specific details about older cases immediately.

“It is really impressive to a client when they call about a document that was completed 10, 15 or 20 years ago, and we can immediately pull it up to review it,” he notes. “Without exception, they are just wowed.”

Another added bonus from the law firm practice management software is peace of mind.  He knows client information, whether being shared with opposing counsel or with clients by email, is protected with enterprise-level document security. Mr. Coleman says the Time Matters software automatically protects data through WatchDox security features.

“We have lots of Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and financial information on all of our clients,” he said. “So having it here in our computer, subject to all of our controls and security measures is, I think, something very important for us.”

Like many other busy attorneys, Mr. Coleman is in continuous motion – he’s mobile. Mr. Coleman says he appreciates the software’s mobility feature:

“We do timekeeping through Time Matters Mobility too. So if we’re out of the office and take a phone call or something like that, we’re able to put the time in so it’s not forgotten by the time we get back to the office.”

He adds the feature not only helps him manage his time better, but also helps communicate more effectively with clients about specific charges on their legal bills.

Although transforming his firm involved some sweat equity, Mr. Coleman knows a happy client is priceless.

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