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5 Things to Know About the New CaseMap Version 12.1

5 Things to Know About the New Version of CaseMap

For litigators, every day spent working on a challenging case includes the mental exercise of analyzing multiple facts and issues with an impact on the dispute. This process, which was historically done on legal pads, sticky notes and dictaphones, is now aided by case analysis software products that collect, categorize and store all of those pieces of information.

One of the pioneering products in the case analysis software niche was the LexisNexis CaseMap® solution. The product brings together the relevant facts, documents, cast of characters and issues of each case – as well as legal and investigative research – into a centralized repository for improved case assessment.

This allows users to maximize case knowledge, see connections they might otherwise miss and better collaborate with colleagues on a matter.

In August 2015, the LexisNexis Technology Center of Excellence integrated our legal research into the product and added eDiscovery to version 12 a month later.  In early 2106, the team rolled out version v. 12.1 of the award-winning software.

Here are five things that litigation professionals need to know about the new release:

1. SmartAssist. This new tool helps users navigate the CaseMap software by conducting quick searches that will enable them to learn how to perform various tasks, generate reports and obtain links to additional information inside the software.

2. Find and Redact. A new feature allows users to find a specific word or phrase in one of the documents stored in CaseMap solution, then to redact individual words or personal information (e.g., social security number, date of birth, etc.) that need to be concealed. Users can also specify the reason for the redaction.


3. Expanded Microsoft® Outlook® Plug-In. A new email plug-in tool makes it possible to send bulk emails to the CaseMap software, as well as to link attachments as separate records. This saves time when sending and viewing emails.

4. Enhanced Document Production. The production functionality in the software has been expanded so that users can now add headers and footers, have the option of producing documents in grayscale colors and can output to the TIFF image format.

5. Enhanced Import Linked Files Wizard. This wizard has been enhanced to allow users to specify the source of the files they’re importing into the CaseMap software, as well as to select a CaseMap spreadsheet into which they’d like to directly import files.

A brief demonstration of the new features in the version 12.1 is provided in the video embedded nearby.

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This a guest post by Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line based in the LexisNexis Raleigh Technology Center.

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