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CaseMap Ends Search for “Needle in a Haystack”

CaseMap Ends Search for “Needle in a Haystack”

Kansas City law firm, Fox, Stretz & Quinn, P.C., has just five attorneys, yet bills out close to 400 workers’ compensation cases every month, leaving no time for wasted time. The new case study is available online and as a PDF.

Little wonder, then, that the firm’s president and managing partner, Steve Quinn, wastes neither time nor words in advising the firm’s legal team about working productively: “Touch it once.”

Three little words. One giant reason why the firm chose CaseMap® case management software from LexisNexis® as a centralized repository to make sure every employee knows where to put case details from the very beginning, as well as where to find them from that point on.

Read the complete CaseMap case study:
There’s no doubt, CaseMap has helped us win cases
This case study is also available as a 

While they initially used the software entirely as storage for the medical records of patients suing their corporate clients, they realized they were far underestimating its potential for making sure that no case detail ever fell through the cracks.

“The biggest thing with CaseMap is being able to find that needle in the haystack.”

Mr. Quinn’s obsession with case organization was born from experience, knowing that the difference between winning and losing may turn on tiny details that might get lost or overlooked without the CaseMap platform to store them and relentless attorneys to dig through them.

That’s why he’s unceasing in his demand to make CaseMap a central part of every case.

“If there’s an answer to a claim for compensation, get it in there. If there’s a statement from the claimant, get it in there. If there’s surveillance, get it in there. Whatever it happens to be, if it is a fact, get it in there.

“I do not want to duplicate effort. I don’t want my clients paying for duplicate content. And using CaseMap is one of the ways we avoid that.”

“CaseMap saves us time and money so that we’re able to handle more cases,” said Mr. Quinn.

Another reason Mr. Quinn is able to spend less time looking for case details today is that the firm has taken time in the past to tailor CaseMap to their exact needs.

“We were able to customize CaseMap in ways that allowed us to be much more efficient.

“The biggest thing for us is not having to find that ‘damn piece of something’ in a thousand pages of medical records,” he said.

“I don’t have all those records with a bunch of sticky notes all down the side of it to search through.”

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