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BOL Blog Fans: What’s Most Important to You?

BOL Blog Fans: What’s Most Important to You?

The fact that we publish our own legal industry blog doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to others that cover the same field. While we won’t name names here, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve observed that many of our favorite legal blogs sometimes generate more feedback than our posts typically do.

We acknowledge being just the slightest bit envious of the buzz our fellow legal bloggers generate on occasion, but we’re not going to let that get in the way of our commitment to communicate with our audience in a meaningful way. In fact, we’re going on the offensive (not in the sense that we intend to offend anyone, of course) in hopes of engaging more of you in a lively exchange of ideas.

To start things off, how about telling us which legal subject matter interests you the most – and why. The more we know about your preferences and predilections, the better prepared we’ll be to ensure that the Business of Law Blog delivers the kind of content that resonates most with readers like you.

Once we’ve tallied the results of our informal poll, we’ll let you know what the most requested topics are – and endeavor to serve up can’t-miss blogs that inspire our readers to respond more often. With a readership that spans Small Law, Large Law and Corporate Counsel, we can’t promise that every post will ring every reader’s bell. But we do promise to keep all of your disparate interests in mind as we populate our editorial calendar.

So how about it? Scroll past the Related Articles bar below, sign in and post your comments, please. We’re listening, BOLB readers.


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About Chas Schmidt

Chas Schmidt
Chas Schmidt is a freelance copywriter and frequent contributor to the Business of Law Blog. A former Senior Copywriter for the Business and Litigation Software Solutions (BLSS) division of LexisNexis, Chas honed his strategic writing skills in a variety of previous roles on both the corporate and agency sides of the marketing communications fence. He is the former creative head of an ad agency in Durango, Colorado, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from North Carolina State University and plans to one day live off the grid in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.