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UnitedLex Relies on Scalable Software Tools to “Deliver Best Product to Our Clients”

UnitedLex Relies on Scalable Software Tools to “Deliver Best Product to Our Clients”

We often hear that it’s important for a business product or service to be “scalable” – in the world of information technology, as TechTarget defines the term, that means the software will “continue to function well when changed in size or volume in order to meet a user need.”

One global provider of legal and business solutions has proven that truly scalable eDiscovery tools can be crucial to delivering high-quality results to clients at more affordable price points.

UnitedLex is a leading global provider of legal and business services that integrate strategy, consulting, technology and operations to deliver solutions that address their clients’ most complex business challenges. The company has more than 2,000 employees – attorneys, engineers, financial analysts, and consultants – based in 22 offices across seven countries.

According to Joshua Tucker, assistant manager for EDD Operations at UnitedLex, the firm works with government agencies, law firms and corporations who are faced with the challenge of managing electronic data in the face of investigations or perhaps litigation.

“Sometimes they do internal audits and sometimes they’re just preparing in case anything happens,” said Tucker. “We can advise them on how to collect and hold their data so that it’s meeting with the standards of their state. And then if something happens, we preemptively discover it for them so that we can give them the best advice before or during a lawsuit.”

In order to provide robust consulting solutions, UnitedLex needs to rely on effective technology tools. After a disappointing experience with one eDiscovery platform, the firm asked Tucker and his colleagues to review competitive tools and find one that would work better for their specific needs.

LAW® PreDiscovery® was the most versatile of all of them, gave the best results and could be built upon,” said Tucker. “UnitedLex went forward with LAW because we were able to get the most bang for the buck.”

LAW PreDiscovery is an advanced imaging and eDiscovery software application from LexisNexis. LAW PreDiscovery helps litigation professionals take control of eDiscovery early in case analysis so they can cut millions of documents down to size prior to costly review. LAW is compatible with almost any type of file format, allowing users to import documents, and then export directly into leading document review platforms in other formats. It can handle even the largest imaging, endorsing, OCR or print jobs simply by adding additional workstations.

“We are handed something that’s a cluster and we make it work,” said Tucker. “With LAW, we can tackle any size imaging and OCR job to deliver the best product to our clients.”

Because LAW is compatible with other leading programs, Tucker’s team is able to quickly integrate it into their workflow and save the day for clients who were unhappy with other vendors’ work. In addition, LAW is scalable for any size job, “whether you’re processing three files or three terabytes,” he said.

To learn more about how UnitedLex leverages scalable software tools to deliver the best possible eDiscovery solution to its clients, please click here.

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This post is by Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line based in the LexisNexis Raleigh Technology Center.


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