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4 Valuable Reports in Case Preparation

4 Valuable Reports in Case Preparation

Whether you’re talking about litigation, real estate, insurance or any other professional service industry, there is nothing terribly exciting about creating reports. They can be onerous to build, a pain to produce and boring to study.

But the fact is that few things can improve efficiency and strategic management more than a well-crafted, insightful and user-friendly report. On a recent LexisNexis webinar for litigation professionals, the expert presenter crystallized the value of powerful reports during case preparation.

“Litigation reports are important tools for tracking case progress and for bringing colleagues up to speed on a case very quickly,” said Elaine Igama, litigation solutions architect at LexisNexis. “They can also be used to just create a simple outline of all case issues.”

Igama identified four kinds of reports that can be valuable in case preparation:

  1. By Issue
    Create a report of all the records from the case spreadsheet in your litigation software tool, organized by the specific case issue involved. You can choose which issues to include in the report and send to your colleagues in either Word or HTML format.
  1. By Object
    Create a report of your case information organized by links to people, documents, organizations or other objects. Your software tool should allow you to choose from one of its pre-defined reports or create one of your own with a wizard.
  1. Privilege Log
    Create a report listing all of the documents marked as privileged under attorney-client, attorney work product or any specific privilege type you determine.
  1. Summary Judgment
    Create a report to help your team prepare Motions for Summary Judgment, Statements of Disputed Material Facts and Memoranda in Opposition court filings. Make sure to choose a software tool that automates this function for you by clicking on the pre-set options.

Cost-effective software products — such as the LexisNexis CaseMap® solution — can help you manage and analyze your case, as well as create and produce valuable case reports for the litigation team to review. The CaseMap software suite has won more than 50 legal industry awards for its innovative use of technology that helps litigators better manage their cases.

To view a brief demonstration of CaseMap, please click here.

This post is by Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line based in the LexisNexis Raleigh Technology Center.

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