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Firm Manager Named TL NewsWire Top 25 Product of 2016

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There’s something very satisfying about starting off the New Year with positive praise. In this case, we’re happy to announce that LexisNexis® Firm Manager® online practice management software was selected as a TL NewsWire (TechnoLawyer) Top 25 Product of the Year for 2016. The award results from the feedback of nearly 12,000 subscribers to TL NewsWire who voted for Firm Manager by asking for more details.

According to TL NewsWire, “Passive voting is the most meaningful type of voting for awards. The winners below genuinely attracted the most interest from TL NewsWire subscribers.”

Firm Manager was ranked number 11 among the Top 25 Products included in the awards. Here’s a brief excerpt from TL NewsWire explaining why Firm Manager was selected:

11. Firm Manager 2.0

Sometimes software developers focus on user-facing features, while other times they focus on under-the-hood improvements. Firm Manager took both paths this year. Crowd pleasers such as the new templates automate client intake and other routine tasks. Meanwhile, role-based permissions, integration with the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks, and extensive data import tools help law firms switch to Firm Manager in the first place.

For LexisNexis, this award is particularly significant because it indicates that the tools and features added to Firm Manager continue to address the everyday pain points of our customers. And while we’d love to sit back and bask in this glory for a while, we are busy collaborating with our customers to learn what we can do better in the coming year.

In fact, we recently added a new data import tool to Firm Manager that helps attorneys quickly migrate their firms over to the cloud-based software.

As we embark on the New Year, LexisNexis is laser-focused on listening to the feedback of our customers and continuing to deliver tools to help make their lives easier and tackle their daily business challenges head-on.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank those TL NewsWire subscribers who voted for Firm Manager. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to what is coming up in 2017!


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