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LMA 2017: Technology, Processes, People (and Christian Louboutin’s)


My big takeaway from the LMA conference in Las Vegas this week is that if I want a lot of people to read this article, I should offer the chance to win a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Unfortunately, we met our quota giveaway this month, so the best you get is a picture of me delicately holding one. Since you are here though, you might as well finish reading.

Let’s think about this. LMA has this national event to get legal marketing employees all over the world into one hotel to collaborate and share. The main exhibit hall is full of vendors like myself pitching what they sell to make your life easier by solving day-to-day problems and inefficiencies. While we all make wonderful technology to help you, it’s only one part (part 1) of the three-part equation and your big takeaways from this conference are probably more around processes and techniques (part 2).

InterAction did not tell us we should have these amazing shoes on display to give away. But if you sat through Gil Wolchock’s presentation, you would have learned why we did what we did. At LMA, WHAT are we trying to achieve? Well, like all the other vendors, we want booth traffic and positive attention (red Chuck’s). Ok, great.

So, WHO is our target audience? I think this is pretty obvious – law firm marketing and business development professionals. For the guys of marketing out there, it’s all about “happy wife, happy life.” Or, as I learned in a recent GQ article, there are “man” Christian Louboutin’s, so maybe it’s about happy hubby. There are 3 more pieces to the WHAT and WHO, so I strongly encourage you to download Gil’s deck.

Back to the point. Our booth traffic exceeded our expectations and allowed us to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. However, what happens next? This is where tech comes in. Logging the data we gathered to leverage in the future in our customer relationship management (CRM), we learned a lot about you when you visited our booth (CRM). Many of you talked about your goals and objectives (CRM). Now we have data to search and segment based on regions, goals, etc. (CRM).  This sounds like the WHY.

Sounds familiar, right? This is what your lawyers are or should be doing when they first meet a prospect or re-engage with a client. Understanding goals and objectives is quite powerful. I always quote what my buddy Jim Durham (see him speak at Accelerate 2017!) said last year at a NYC conference: “What does a client want a firm to help them do? Make money, save money, or look good.” If you can help them achieve these goals, you have a high probability of a long-term relationship.

Guess what? Your CRM and other marketing technologies help you manage this overall Client Journey.  In addition, targeting your marketing or thought leadership content and BD efforts to what a person really cares about can create real engagement opportunities and help you to stand out.

Overall, this was one of my favorite LMA conferences. There was great thought leadership, great content, a great exhibit hall, and most importantly, great friends from all over the world that we get to see at a minimum once a year to collaborate and share stories with. And who doesn’t love Linus @COMMSdog who travels around the US more than the average American!?!  Sadly though, this little guy has a more successful social presence than @scottcwinter.

If you are wondering what part 3 of the equation above is, it’s people. And if you saw Dr. Dave Jacobs on Wednesday, you would now know that people and process are the key drivers to success in your CRM and marketing technology initiatives.


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About Scott Winter

Scott Winter
Scott Winter has been a member of the LexisNexis team since 2006. He currently serves as head of product management for InterAction, leading the product management team, overseeing the product roadmap, and engaging customers on product needs. Scott also serves as a senior client engagement manager, working with law firms and other professional services firms to see the value of the InterAction portfolio and implement CRM best practices. Previously, Scott was a product manager for InterAction, leading the development and global launch of Business Edge. He was also involved in the modernization of IQ and enhancements to Mobility and Core InterAction.