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LexisNexis® Launches Authorized Hosting Provider Program with Uptime Legal Systems


LexisNexis® recently launched its Authorized Hosting Provider program with Uptime Legal Systems as our first hosting partner, and we couldn’t be more excited!

A positive customer experience is priority number-one for our team, so it was important for us to build an Authorized Hosting Provider program that Time Matters® and PCLaw® users could trust.

In a recent article on Law.com, Scott Wallingford, Vice President of LexisNexis and General Manager of Law Firm Software Solutions, spoke about the program and the importance of choosing the right provider to ensure customer data is secure and any data issues are handled quickly.

“When we think about bringing on a cloud provider, we are looking at people that have lots and lots of well-established market-grade capabilities. This is not two guys in a garage with a couple of servers,” Mr. Wallingford said.

LexisNexis has very strict requirements to become an Authorized Hosting Provider for our practice management products. LexisNexis will conduct extensive due diligence on potential hosting partners. Some of the areas we review include: data center details, dedicated support staff, customer support process, Microsoft licensing, server equipment, backups, and product certification.

There is a definite benefit to cloud-based legal software hosting, especially as firms are experiencing greater demands. While the ability to manage your firm anywhere, anytime can make life easier, if the hosting provider does not have the expertise and resources to manage legal software, it can be a headache to ditch an internal server. This is exactly why we chose Uptime Legal Systems as our first Authorized Hosting Provider.

“Sometimes, at law firms, the lawyer is also the IT specialist, and they would much rather spend time with their clients practicing law than they would having to struggle with server settings,” per Mr. Wallingford.

Because Uptime Practice, Uptime Legal Systems’ private cloud offering, is designed specifically for law firms, you’ll have access to the flexibility, storage, and support your firm needs. Learn more about our partnership in the latest blog post from Uptime Legal.

This is great news for the legal industry. Law firms can keep the mature, robust software they’re committed to and leverage the mobility, security, and reliability of the cloud. A private cloud service under the umbrella of our Authorized Hosting Provider program provides everything a law firm needs to:

  • eliminate servers
  • get out of the business of managing IT
  • work anywhere
  • keep data secure

A fully managed private cloud, like Uptime Practice, will make upgrading to the latest version of PCLaw and Time Matters a breeze.

Want to learn more about what moving your practice to the cloud can mean for your firm? Download our eBook today to learn more.

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About Tate Davis

Tate Davis
Tate Davis, Director of Product Management for Law Firm Practice Management Solutions at LexisNexis, is leading efforts for the LexisNexis Authorized Hosting Provider program. Tate holds a BA from Louisiana State University and an MBA degree from University of Houston and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. In his spare time, Tate loves rooting for the LSU Tigers and fishing.