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How the 2018 CounselLink Conferences are Making an Impact on 2019 and Beyond


LexisNexis® CounselLink® is known for being in the forefront when it comes to innovation. We’ve made it our focus to listen to the needs of our customers, and one of the ways that we’ve done this is by hosting a series of regional conferences. These opportunities gave us direct access and one-on-one engagement with the organizations that we work with. Our conferences also provided our clients with a chance to network and share their experiences and input. We learned quite a bit throughout this process. Here are some of the highlights.

The Power of Reporting

Getting to know our reporting tools was one of the top requests from our clients during our conferences. Our clients have access to a sophisticated suite that has been designed to give them quick and direct access to the data that’s relevant to them. Diving deeper into our reporting tools and learning just how creating metrics and using the right filters and dashboards to their fullest can make managing a legal department easier was a win for all involved.


With over 80 stock reports available and dynamic dashboards that can be customized to provide the at-a-glance info that our clients need to make solid business decisions, it’s important for users to understand how reporting works and the easiest ways to analyze their data. It’s just as important to meet users where they are, whether they’re new to CounselLink reporting or in need of a refresher. Discovering the power of the CounselLink reporting tools and the opportunity for further training through LexisNexis University was another score for those who attended our conferences this year.

Innovative New Functionality

Allowing users to test our new functionality as it comes out is another win-win for CounselLink and the clients we serve. In 2018, we used the CounselLink Idea Board to create a direct feedback loop between clients and our production team. One of the new functionalities introduced this year was Matter Tasks, which allows users to add reminders or tasks to matters. Legal Request, which allows even non-CounselLink users to request legal work from legal operations departments, was another major new tool made available to CounselLink users. Law Firm Visualizations, an in-app visualization tool for law firm performance, and Timekeeper Rate Analysis were also introduced in 2018.


Beta CounselLink definitely made a positive impact. By getting clients directly involved during the feature release life cycle, we were able to focus on the aspects that matter most to our users and incorporate their ideas into the development process. The CounselLink conferences were an effective way for us to introduce these new functionalities and learn how we can improve and introduce even more new tools in 2019!

Are you ready to learn more about everything that CounselLink has to offer? Send your team to one of our free instructor-led classes. They are offered at least twice a month at no cost.

For those with busy schedules who prefer a self-paced option, we also offer OnDemand classes, designed to meet the needs and schedule of every learner. These short, information-packed modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our downloadable reference guides are another easy-to-use tool to help you get the most from CounselLink. Each guide walks users through the steps that they’ll need to get started and use the tools available to them.

This year has been filled with networking and learning opportunities. We can’t wait to get to know you better in 2019, and we hope that you’ll make attending a CounselLink conference part of your new year’s plan!

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About Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson
Amy leads the design, development and delivery of educational programs that benefit various LexisNexis user communities. She has dedicated the past 10 years to adult education and has a passion for designing learning experiences that meet each learners unique needs. She is adept at using technology to facilitate the learning process and lives for that ‘aha’ moment in learning. Amy earned a Master of Education degree from North Carolina State University in Workforce Development & Training and also a B.S. degree in Biology from East Carolina University. When not working, Amy is an avid DIYer and can be found working in her garage on various projects.