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Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson builds bridges between product leaders, sales, marketing, and clients. She started her career as a software engineer and technical writer before moving in to the management of customer briefing programs, where she facilitated more than 1100 meetings with executive decision makers. Now serving as Director of Product Marketing, she is responsible for harnessing market expertise and bringing the InterAction value proposition to life. Carrie studied Technical Communications at Clarkson University and holds a Master of Science degree in Information Management from Syracuse University. She lives with her husband and twin boys in Raleigh, NC.

My First LMA Conference: Relationships Matter


My first job after completing my undergraduate work was in software engineering at a big technology company where we developed an operating system. After about a year, I had the opportunity to go to an industry event. I came back to the office with the notable realization that customers were people too. It may sound funny but, at the time, ... Read More »

Building Networks: A Conversation with J. Kelly Hoey


When you choose to invest your time, energy, and dollars by attending a professional event, you want it to be a good use of your time. Your definition of “worthwhile” may vary from event to event, making it difficult to discern which to prioritize, especially with an increasing variance in the number of channels through which events are delivered. Intuitively, ... Read More »

Home Tours, Test Drives, Playing Fetch and Buying Software


In 2005, my husband and I decided we were ready to adopt a dog. I scoured the rescue sites and after countless hours and a number of inquiries, I found “the one,” a mischievous-eyed mutt of beagle (and who-knows-what-else) descent. On the phone, the shelter owner told me that Ellie was probably NOT the dog for us and discouraged us ... Read More »