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Kris Satkunas
As Director of Strategic Consulting at LexisNexis, Kris leads the LexisNexis CounselLink team’s efforts to advise corporate legal departments on improving operations with data driven decisions. She is an expert in managing the business of law and in data mining, and also has expertise in matter pricing and staffing, partner compensation, practice area metrics, and scorecards. Kris joined LexisNexis in 2000 after honing her finance skills as a Senior Vice President of Strategic Finance at SunTrust Bank. She has authored numerous articles and speaks regularly at legal industry events. Kris has a B.B.A. in Finance from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

4 Change Management Essentials for Deploying Work Management in Your Legal Department

View of a Boss heading a business reunion with partners

*This article is a Legaltech News article. View the original article here. This article is part two of a two-part series. In part one of this article, I covered some of the steps necessary for legal operations to answer a question a general counsel might reasonably ask – “What legal work are we handling on behalf of the organization?” Unfortunately, ... Read More »

Driving your legal department with dashboards to improve reporting and performance


Legal departments need accurate, easy to read reports that can be communicated across the organization. I hear it all the time. Recently, Hyperion Research had a good post related to management dashboards. But how do you build a report that’s clearly readable yet also contains all the critical information that should be included? I completely agree with the advice: make sure ... Read More »

The Value of KPIs in the Legal Department


Most corporate legal professionals see the value in using data to improve performance; however, Hyperion Research data indicates less than one-third of corporate legal departments are actually using data-driven analytics. Yet 58% of the same survey respondents believe that company executives understand the risks and opportunities presented by their legal matters, and more than half feel confident that they understand ... Read More »

10 Strategic Tips for Successful Law Department Budgeting

10 Strategic Tips for Successful Law Department Budgeting

Although law departments often tend to think of budgets as primarily tactical tools, budgets do have significant strategic value – as long as they’re the product of thorough planning and proper implementation. When thinking about implementing a budget process, it’s necessary to consider the various implications that stem from different strategic objectives. Corporate law departments can attack the challenge of ... Read More »

7 Ways to Prove the Value of the Legal Department

7 Ways to Prove the Value of the Legal Department

Note: Dan Ruderman with the strategic consulting team also contributed to this post. Proving value is always high on the list of priorities for corporate counsel. Perhaps it’s because legal services are a credence good, as D. Casey Flaherty says. There are however recognized techniques for proving value with data, processes improvement and strategy.  Here are seven ways to prove the ... Read More »

How to put Mojo in Law Department Metrics

How to put Mojo in Law Department Metrics

Note:  a version of this article first appeared in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel magazine. Is your corporate law department sometimes viewed more as a cost center than as a key contributor to the company’s operational efficiency? It’s a common situation. Turning that perception on its head requires heavy lifting on the part of general counsels and law department operations personnel. ... Read More »

6 Consistent Corporate Legal Trends in Data, Staffing and Spend

6 Consistent Corporate Legal Trends in Data Staffing and Spend

Law360 recently published 5 Ways for Firms To Weather The Litigation Slowdown, though it also noted “opinions vary on the current state of the litigation market.” In pouring over the data running though our systems, I’m not confident we can say the litigation market is slowing down – that remains to be seen.  However I’m confident that legal departments are ... Read More »

5 Tips for Improving Corporate Legal Maturity

5 Tips for Improving Corporate Legal Maturity

Experience and dozens of engagements with corporate legal indicate that most law departments fall between somewhere between the third and fourth levels of the corporate legal maturity model. Few organizations fit squarely in any one stage, but we find most in-house teams have some technology deployed and are working towards integrating information. “Growing up is hard to do,” as the ... Read More »

Legal Department Metrics: Cost vs. Value

legal department value metrics

When asked if metrics provide a useful and accurate measure of the legal department’s value to the business, 66% of GCs say “no” in a recent survey.  Is this at all surprising?  The legal department metrics, used in most organizations, are not aimed at measuring value – they measure the legal department’s cost to the organization.  Do I think my ... Read More »

Measuring What Matters About Matters

enterprise legal management trends

Recently, LexisNexis CounselLink published its first Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report. One of the key metrics included in the report is blended average matter rates, which I think warrants more discussion. When I talk to most managers of legal departments or their procurement partners, their efforts to manage rates usually focus on individual timekeepers. It’s time to look at the big ... Read More »