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Scott Winter
Scott Winter has been a member of the LexisNexis team since 2006. He currently serves as head of product management for InterAction, leading the product management team, overseeing the product roadmap, and engaging customers on product needs. Scott also serves as a senior client engagement manager, working with law firms and other professional services firms to see the value of the InterAction portfolio and implement CRM best practices. Previously, Scott was a product manager for InterAction, leading the development and global launch of Business Edge. He was also involved in the modernization of IQ and enhancements to Mobility and Core InterAction.

Q&A with Mo Bunnell: LexisNexis InterAction Teams Up with Bunnell Idea Group

Strategic business development (BD) is critical to support firm growth and achieving individual objectives, but BD techniques are typically not taught in law school. At its core, BD is about building and proactively managing authentic professional relationships. Now more than ever, technology can help support and facilitate a more systematic approach to business development. LexisNexis® InterAction® is teaming up with ... Read More »

LMA 2017: Technology, Processes, People (and Christian Louboutin’s)


My big takeaway from the LMA conference in Las Vegas this week is that if I want a lot of people to read this article, I should offer the chance to win a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Unfortunately, we met our quota giveaway this month, so the best you get is a picture of me delicately holding one. Since ... Read More »

Relationship vs. Engagement

Relationship vs. Engagement

In the world of Professional Services, relationships make or break your Business Development efforts.  I was in a Business Development seminar last year and my friend Jim said something that really resonated: “Most of us in this room work for law firms that are really good at what they do, have offices in the same cities, and charge similar rates.  ... Read More »