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Great Legal Links: The Top 10 of 66 Business of Law Blog Posts

Great Legal Links The Top 10 of 66 Business of Law Blog Posts

We’ve published 66 posts on these pages in the three months spanning June, July and August. Here’s a summary of the most popular – that is the most read – Business of Law Blog posts for that time period.  It’s always fascinating to see the most read, are not always the posts with the most social shares. We’ve also listed ... Read More »

3 Good Reasons to Outsource eDiscovery

3 Good Reasons to Outsource eDiscovery

Note: This article was written by Francis George. Buying software won’t solve an eDiscovery problem overnight according to a group of panelists on a recent webinar.  The panel debated the pros and cons of keeping eDiscovery in-house or outsourcing it  – which we’ve summarized below into three reasons for outsourcing eDiscovery. 1. Reactive vs. proactive The consensus recommendation from the ... Read More »

39 Articles and Blog Posts Summarizing the 2015 #ILTACON

39 Articles and Blog Posts Summarizing the 2015 ILTACON

Thirty-nine posts is one better than the 38 summarizing the 2013 annual ILTA conference – the last time it was held in Las Vegas. In the 2015 summary, we’ve added the stats, quips and quotes, which is an idea borrowed from our summary in 2014. There was an impressive volume of coverage stemming from the conference and especially solid summaries ... Read More »

Devil is in the Data and 20 Other Must-Read eDiscovery Articles

20 Must-Read eDiscovery Articles

  Note: The following is a guest post from Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line within the LexisNexis software division. During the summer months, even the most dedicated legal professionals can be forgiven for taking a break from their daily reading of industry blogs and news sites in order to catch up on this year’s bestseller novels or ... Read More »

Early Case Assessment:  The Haystack is Getting Bigger

Early Case Assessment The Haystack is Getting Bigger

Upwards of 90% of all data has been created in the last two years alone, according to Aaron Pierce.  The data statistics are staggering; the needle is the same size, but the haystack is getting bigger. He presented a session at ILTACON that walked attendees through two tools our company provides in support of early case assessment: the Early Data ... Read More »

Large Law Debates: Is IT Strategic for Law Firms?

Large Law Debates Is IT Strategic

Is IT a strategic resource for law firms? In classic legal fashion, the short answer is “it depends.”  It depends on who is asked. The discussion, and seemingly the perspective of attendees, shifted on the merits of the arguments made during the ITLACON session “Large Law Discussion.” The following paraphrases the conversation from notes taken during the session and from ... Read More »

ILTACON on the Future of Law: Better, Faster, Cheaper

Future of Law Better Faster Cheaper – Pick Two-header

Rethinking law may well begin with shifting the pain of efficiency back to the law firms. That’s the conclusion of one group of attendees at an ILTACON session titled “Do Less Law:  A Contrarian View of the Future” (#ILTA124). The session, moderated by Ron Friedman, Tim Corcoran and Sheryl Nolan, broke attendees down into four smaller groups to brainstorm answer ... Read More »

ILTACON on IT Security: Unsolvable vs. Risk Management

A Ridiculously Frightening ILTACON Session on IT Security

Following a high profile breach, a major bank said it was doubling its security spend. To Josh Goldfarb, it underscores everything that’s wrong with the current philosophy in IT security. “You can throw that money in the fire but it doesn’t mean you improved your security,” he said in an ILTACON session titled “Peeling Away the Many Layers of Intrusion” ... Read More »

3 Pragmatic Ways to Gain Law Firm Partner Buy-In for CRM

3 Easy Ways to Gain Law Firm Partner Buy-In for CRM

Lots of law firms share contact information in databases, but that’s not necessarily using CRM effectively, according to a marketing technology panel at the 2015 ITLACON tradeshow (#ILTA057). Forget the acronyms and focus instead on a tool that helps law firms focus on key initiatives – like growing a business. That’s the core of the lessons we gleaned from a ... Read More »

4 Takeaways from the InsideLegal and ILTA Purchasing Survey

4 Takeaways from the InsideLegal and ILTA Purchasing Survey

The 2015 InsideLegal and ILTA Purchasing survey is out and provides a 10,000 foot view of insights from senior legal tech professionals as to budgets, opportunities and challenges facing the ILTA community.  The 2015 survey marks the 10th year running for the benchmark survey, which this year, earned 184 responses, or 14% of the 1,232 law firms invited to participate. ... Read More »