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Trust Yourself with Trust Accounting


As attorneys, we understand the general concept of trust accounts, and that misuse of the same can cost us our bar cards. But, do we really trust ourselves with trust accounting? Attorneys who receive retainers from their clients take on the role of a fiduciary, per their state bar’s rules. Up to and until the attorney has worked that case ... Read More »

Ignoring Software Updates? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t…


We get it. Updating your software just isn’t high on the priority list. You see the red dot attached to your mobile app that indicates an update is available. A pop-up appears on your computer screen that the new version of your software is ready to install. You get an email that the latest version of your software has been ... Read More »

Reporting Made Easy

People are paying a lot more attention to creating reports these days, especially with all the new technology available to collect more and more data. Now it seems like there’s a different report for every aspect of your business along with a variety of solutions for pulling reports, showing reports, and interpreting reports. Firms are discovering how important it is ... Read More »

Embracing Technology to Improve the Invoice-to-Cash Process

Cash flow is critical to any business, and for law firms, growing the bottom line is always a concern. With profits under pressure across the legal industry, improving the invoice payment cycle and streamlining the payment process are more important than ever. Many law firms are looking to their accounts receivable (A/R) departments for ways to increase their finances, in ... Read More »

Q&A with ClientPay: Why every Juris user should take advantage of this payment processing solution

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In today’s environment, both convenience and safety are top of mind for consumers–including law firm clients. More than ever, people want the ability to pay from wherever they are working–in the office or from home–without having to be in person or mail payments. To accommodate, most offices now offer online portals, so clients can pay via credit card or by ... Read More »

Your Essential Guide to Working from Home with Juris

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During these times, we understand that it may be more challenging to keep it “business as usual” while working from home. To help ease the transition from office to home, and to help ensure that you can operate your business as easily and efficiently as possible, the LexisNexis® Juris® team put together Your Essential Guide to Working from Home with Juris. ... Read More »

An Inside Track To A Fraud-Free Firm


You might think that the hardest part of being a professional accountant is crunching numbers—getting long lists of debits and credits to match up to an exact number, down to the penny. After consulting for law firms for the last eight years, the hardest part of my job is telling law-firm partners that someone from their staff has been stealing from ... Read More »

Before & After: How did we track time on-the-go before Juris Go?


Time has always played an essential role in organizing our thoughts and activities. So, it comes as no surprise that timekeeping would be an asset when working in a professional setting. In fact, it is especially crucial because time is now equated to money. Timekeeping has evolved with increasing accuracy and has become integral to our day-to-day schedules. Technological advances ... Read More »

Reasons to Visit Raleigh for a Conference


We can’t wait for you to visit the City of Oaks for the upcoming Juris® User Conference in September. The agenda is packed with product updates, various learning tracks, and expert panels. Apart from the conference though, Raleigh has a lot to offer to fill up your free time. From great outdoor activities to bar hopping, you’ll have a hard ... Read More »

Build Your Business Blueprint Before Deciding On The Finishes Of Your Law Firm | Part One of Seven


Before The Fixtures and Finishes of a Law Firm Running a business is not part of the law school curriculum but having this knowledge is critical for firm growth. Just like building your dream house, building your business (and yes, your law firm is a business) requires planning so you can enjoy the comforts and benefits for a long time. ... Read More »