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How to Submit a Guest Post to the Business of Law Blog

How to Submit a Guest Post to the Business of Law Blog

Do we accept guest posts?  Yes and we’d like to consider a piece from you.

Quality content comes in a variety of formats and our community has a wide range of needs.  This post describes the process and offers some tips for developing a proposal that has the best chance of being published.

What topics do you cover?

We cover business and litigation technology for lawyers and legal professionals under the umbrella of three overarching categories:  small law, large law and corporate counsel.  Business and technology issues can range from the business of law – that is growing, managing or improving the operations of a law practice or legal department – to litigation software, tools and strategies.

The best content provides utility – that is help not hype. We look for content that inspires legal professional, shares some savvy insights or provides practical “how to” information that solves a specific problem.  We are especially partial to the following:

  • Legal trends and views on legal trends
  • Data, market research and surveys
  • Anecdotes from customers or first-hand experiences
  • Useful, helpful and relevant content

One topic for which we have an affinity for is answering customer questions. If you’ve heard or seen a question in forums, on social media or in sessions at a legal conference, there’s a good chance an answer would make for a solid blog post.

How long should the post be?

Since this blog is a digital format, we don’t have a specific length requirement.  A pithy 250 word post with a strong opinion can be just as powerful as a 2,000 word long-form essay that breaks down a complex topic.

However research shows people tend to skim when they read on the web and so we sometimes favor “lists” or “tips” posts. These posts also lend themselves to sub-headlines which also help invite readers to take a closer look.

We also tend to like posts with “value added” content, that is an embeddable video from YouTube or presentation from SlideShare.

How do I pitch an idea?

The best way to pitch an idea is provide an outline of the proposal.  This allows you to seed an idea before you invest the time into writing it. Usually a headline and a few bullet points indicating what the post will cover is a sufficient.  Here’s an example:

            5 Practice Management Reports Every Law Firm Should

  • Research shows that law firms face collections challenges
  • Most law firms have software to help, but aren’t using it
  • This post will describe billing reports law firms should run monthly

And here’s what the final result looks like: 5 Essential Practice Management Reports for Small Law Firms.

Send pitches to:  BLSSsocial@lexisnexis.com

I’m a LexisNexis certified consultant; do you have any specific advice for me?

As a consultant in the field helping law firms implement technology you probably see and hear a lot of challenges (and solutions) that would be useful to share with the legal community. You also have unique knowledge of tips and techniques for getting the most benefit out of a product.

  • What factors should a law firm consider when buying technology?
  • What advice can you provide for a smooth implementation?
  • How can law firms (or legal departments) boost user adoption?
  • What are the most commonly asked law firm tech questions (and answers)?
  • What customizations can a law firm make to a product to get more benefit?
  • What are opportunities exist for product integrations?
  • What top tech trends law firms should be aware of?

We also conduct a lot of market research many of which identify challenges you may know how to solve. You might consider drilling down on one interesting finding in order to provide your expertise: A Handy Reference Guide to 6 Legal Industry Studies.

I’m a LexisNexis client; what would you like to hear from me?

We’d like to hear your story – what challenge did you face and how did you solve the problem?  What steps did you take to gain executive or team buy-in?

Can I see an example post?

Yes, here are a few posts — 7 Exceptional Posts Contributed by Legal Experts — and hopefully these will help you sparks some ideas:

1. Make a prediction. 6 Predictions for Law Firm Marketing in 2015

2. Provide original research. How Buyers Seek Out Small Law Firms and Determine

3. Comment on existing research. Budgets, Compliance, Security Top CLO Priorities

4. Show what’s possible. 3 Outcomes of Improving Legal Department Operations

5.  Make a case for technology. 5 Benefits of the Hosted Model for Litigation Support

6.  Cover an industry conference. 6 Corporate Legal Trends from the ACC Conference

7.  Interview smart people. Monica Bay:  You Can’t Practice Law without Technology

8. Review lessons learned. 3 Lessons from Switching Practice Management Tools

9. Identify best practice. Six Business Metrics Every Law Firm Should Measure

10. Give meaning to nuance. Legal Department Metrics:  Cost vs. Value

11. Breathe life into a staple topic. Can Rainmaking Be Taught in Law Firms?

12. Describe impact. 4 Ways Tech is Changing Small Law

13. Share insight. 9 Creative CRM Tips for Getting Lawyers to Share Data

Final Thoughts on Contributing Content

We get a lot of pitches with offers of content that really aren’t a fit, or are clearly emails that have been blasted out to a lot of bloggers.  Those types of pitches usually don’t get more than a moment’s glance.  However if those that submit relevant pitches and clearly demonstrate an understanding of the community here — maybe read a post or two before pitching — are carefully considered.

With few exceptions, we usually require that all content submitted is original content not posted elsewhere for at least 30 days.  In addition, we will require written authorization – your signature on a form – prior to publication.  We always reserve the right to edit content in a manner that we believe best serves our community – and will work with you on it.

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