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Understanding the Science Behind How Clients Think

Understanding the Science Behind How Clients Think

Earlier this month, LexisNexis conducted a webinar series titled: Helping Lawyers Grow Sustainable Pipeline. Each of the sessions, co-presented by Mo Bunnell, founder and president of Bunnell Idea Group, Doug Johnson, managing director of Catapult Growth Partners and Scott Winter, enterprise client engagement manager for LexisNexis Interaction, focused the discussion on the following three areas: How to Manage Opportunities How ... Read More »

Using ELM to Improve Predictability in Corporate Legal Spending

How ELM Drives Predictable Corporate Legal Spending2

One of the primary benefits of enterprise legal management (ELM) systems is the ability to aggregate information from previously disparate sources including e-billing, matter management and accounts payable. Once the data is assembled, corporate legal departments have an incredibly powerful source of information about their legal matters. Such information can allow general counsel to analyze: How long it should take to resolve ... Read More »

5 Things Legal Tech Should Know About ISO 2013 Certification

5 Things Legal Tech Should Know About ISO 2013 Certification

Peer to Peer, the official publication of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), published a special editorial feature in its Winter 2015 issue regarding important developments in the world of data security. Among the subjects tackled was the new ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security. International Organization for Standardization (English acronym is ISO) develops standards for a number of global ... Read More »

Can You Relate? A Touch Point Checklist for Law Firms


The recent release of the 2015 Year-End edition of the Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report has revealed several insights regarding the current state of corporate legal dynamics. As we reported in a recent Business of Law Blog post, among the many revelations found in the latest report is this sobering fact: When it comes to engaging outside counsel for significant ... Read More »

Analytics Revolution Will Drive Better Litigation Outcomes


A new generation of eDiscovery software products is stirring excitement as we’re discovering the enormous untapped potential of advanced visual analytics in the eDiscovery workflow. “The use of analytics in e-discovery is not new; indeed, in some ways, it’s as old as the discipline of electronic discovery itself,” writes Steve Ashbacher, vice president of litigation solutions at LexisNexis, in a ... Read More »

5 Tips for Women to Succeed in the Legal Tech Workforce


A recent report found that just 30 percent of the average tech company workforce is comprised of women. By comparison, women make up 59 percent of the overall U.S. labor force and almost 51 percent of the U.S. population, according to the Census Bureau. And while comparable data is tough to come by in the legal space, it’s well known ... Read More »

Corporate Internal Investigations: Performing Smart Investigation Analysis


Corporate executive teams and their in-house legal departments used to be called upon to conduct internal investigations when there was some kind of employee misconduct that needed to be assessed or perhaps a conflict of interest concern to be quickly resolved. Those types of issues still surface, of course, but the mazes of regulations and litigation risks that are present ... Read More »

Building a PreDiscovery Analytics Maturity Model


Any organization needs objective measurement tools to monitor and evaluate their progress in pursuit of specific operational goals. One way to do this is with a “Maturity Model” – a progress map that allows an organization to have its methods and processes assessed against a clear set of best practice benchmarks. With this tool, progress is indicated one step at ... Read More »

Clients Willing to Hire for Litigation and Corporate Work, Says New Report


View full graph A new CounselLink report suggests clients aren’t likely to retain new law firms this year. However, as they say, there are exceptions to the rule. The 2015 CounselLink Year-End ELM Trends Report concludes a majority of clients, 56 percent, plan to stay with their incumbent firms. Interestingly, the tide changes for those clients seeking counsel in two particular ... Read More »

5 Social Media Risks in eDiscovery


Social media has replaced email as our primary means of electronic communications. Since 2009, there have been more social network users than email users worldwide. Moreover, there is now more time spent on social media than email – and that amount of time continues to grow. Meanwhile, we’re seeing a total blurring of the lines between “personal” and “business” uses ... Read More »