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10 Signs Small Law Firms are leaving $10k a Year on the Table

10 Signs Small Law Firms are leaving $10k a Year on the Table

“If you’re not earning adequately, you’re probably not taking care of your clients adequately,” says law firm practice management consultant, Ann Guinn. Ms. Guinn believes a majority of solo and small firm attorneys are leaving money on the table, upwards of $10,000 annually and unnecessarily. “In my 30-something years in the legal industry, I never met an attorney or law ... Read More »

Business Talent:  USO of NC Helping Troops in Transition

Business Talent USO of NC Helping Troops in Transition

While the USO may be better known for military entertainment and airport lounges, it is also evolving to meet the needs of our nation’s service members and their families, especially as they transition back into the civilian world. The range of programs the organization provides has broadened to include career transition programs, according to Kelli Davis, the Troops & Family ... Read More »

eDiscovery Panel Foresees Legal Analytics Revolution

eDiscovery Panel Foresees Legal Analytics Revolution

The year 2016 may well turn out to be the turning point for how we viewed the paradigm of linear eDiscovery review. In recent weeks, many litigation experts have voiced challenges to the concept of linear review – where electronic evidence travels from one stop on the EDRM to the next – and have begun to shift the conversation toward ... Read More »

Elephant in the Room: How to be a Champion of Change

Elephant in the Room How to be a Champion of Change-2

Change is hard, but it may be complicated by the attitude we collectively present when faced with change.  Attitudes can be influenced. That’s one of the messages we took away from Dan Heath’s key note presentation at the 2016 LexisNexis Accelerate business development conference by the InterAction® team.  His presentation, “How to Lead a Switch” drew from the best-selling book ... Read More »

5 Things to Know About the New CaseMap Version 12.1

5 Things to Know About the New Version of CaseMap

For litigators, every day spent working on a challenging case includes the mental exercise of analyzing multiple facts and issues with an impact on the dispute. This process, which was historically done on legal pads, sticky notes and dictaphones, is now aided by case analysis software products that collect, categorize and store all of those pieces of information. One of ... Read More »

4 Tips for LEDES and Establishing Client eBilling

4 Tips for LEDES and Establishing Client eBilling

Electronic Billing or eBilling isn’t about generating a PDF file of an invoice and emailing it to a client according Dana Riel of Business Solutions, Inc. during a recent LexisNexis webinar: “Electronic Billing in Time Matters and Billing Matters.” “Electronic billing is when your client comes to you and says you are not going to give us a paper bill ... Read More »

Infographic: Advantages of Litigation and Trial Technology


Visualization could be the next big thing in legal technology.  From the visual analytics of early case assessment to trial and presentation software, there is growing recognition that pictures are indeed worth 1,000 words. A recent panel of judges during a LegalTech session noted that while technology adoption in the courtroom has been a slow evolution, it is gaining prominence: ... Read More »

Set Your Own Agenda at ABA TECHSHOW 2016

Set Your Own Agenda at ABA TECHSHOW 2016

With just a few days until the ABA TECHSHOW, it’s time to print the agenda and highlight the sessions and activities that will be of greatest value to you and your firm. The great thing about ABA TECSHOW is that it offers content for everyone, so you want to sort out the sessions that best fit your personal objectives. For ... Read More »

Litigation Case Study: CaseMap v The Blood Diamonds Dictator

Litigation Case Study CaseMap v The Blood Diamonds Dictator

What does it take to bring down a dictator who supports amputation, rape, murder, kidnapping, slavery and other inhumanities to gain control of diamond mines in a neighboring country? If you’re human-rights attorney David Akerson, it takes every ounce of your considerable international experience helping prosecute war criminals in Lebanon, Yugoslavia and Rwanda. What was Mr. Akerson’s weapon of choice ... Read More »

Legal Tech Webinars and Events for March by LexisNexis

The Happy Lawyers Webinar + 5 More in September

March brings madness for NCAA basketball fans, relief from the cold with the first day of spring and of course a bit of luck from the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. March also brings us to our monthly legal tech roundup of webinars and events this month for large law, small law and corporate counsel.  In addition, we’ve added a ... Read More »