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Does Corporate Legal Hire Lawyers or Law Firms?

Top Factors for Evaluation Outside Counsel

What is the most important factor to corporate legal in evaluating outside counsel?  Relationships according to a survey of corporate legal departments published at the end of 2014. The vast majority of respondents were corporate attorneys with senior leadership titles. If relationships still matter in the business of law, what then does that really mean from a corporate counsel perspective? Casey ... Read More »

3 Classic April Fool’s Pranks for Lawyers

3 Classic April Fools Pranks for Lawyers

Lawyers.com published a piece a few years ago which still seems like sage advice for April Fool’s pranks.  It advised the legal community should avoid jokes that involve the police, “creates a panic,” or causes damage or injury to people or property. We’d like to think we’re following the spirit of that advice while also taking liberty to celebrate April ... Read More »

4 PCLaw User Tips from Legal Tech Consultants  

4 PCLaw User Tips from Legal Tech Consultants

One of the good fortunes among the law firm practice management business at LexisNexis is an ecosystem of technology consultants. Many of these people have years of specialized knowledge and experience designing and implementing technology solutions for law firms – and have completed a certification process for LexisNexis software.  In some cases, many of them are also lawyers and have ... Read More »

Grow: Perform a “Health Check” Your Law Firm’s Processes

Perform a “Health Check” When Growth Out-Paces Your Firm’s Processes

Note: The following is an excerpt from a new eBook titled 15 Ideas for Getting a Jump-Start on 2015 which is freely available with registration. With the economy finally easing back into optimism mode, many law firms are now in the enviable position of having to cope with a welcome shot of growth. That’s good news in every way for an industry that ... Read More »

Friday Share:  A Legal Billing Conference in Illustration

A Legal Billing and Finance Conference in Illustration

What happens in Las Vegas isn’t staying in Las Vegas – at least if it was captured in an illustration format.   A short while ago we published the LegalTech Show in Illustration and earned good feedback – there’s power in doodling. When it came time to host more than 100 law firm billing, accounting and finance professionals for the 2015 ... Read More »

5 Tips for Improving Corporate Legal Maturity

5 Tips for Improving Corporate Legal Maturity

Experience and dozens of engagements with corporate legal indicate that most law departments fall between somewhere between the third and fourth levels of the corporate legal maturity model. Few organizations fit squarely in any one stage, but we find most in-house teams have some technology deployed and are working towards integrating information. “Growing up is hard to do,” as the ... Read More »

Attorney Time Saver:  Firm Manager Releases Batch Invoicing

Firm Manager Invoice complete-small

Most small law firms – about 62% of solos and duos – spend roughly 8 hours a month on billing processes including invoicing.  About a quarter spend upwards of 16 hours a month.   There are handfuls that can spend more according to a law firm billing survey LexisNexis published in August of 2014. The business case for efficient billing process ... Read More »

Is the Legal Market for Talent Brightening?

Is the Legal Market for Talent Brightening

“The job market for newly minted associates is showing signs of improvement,” according to a telephone survey of 350 attorneys which was recently published by Robert Half Legal. Thirty-two percent of attorneys interviewed said their organization plans to “increase slightly” or “increase significantly” the number of entry-level lawyers hired in the next 12 months. An announcement for the survey results ... Read More »

Ready, Set, Get Your Small Law Systems in Check

Get Your Small Law Systems in Check

Note: The following is an excerpt from a new eBook titled 15 Ideas for Getting a Jump-Start on 2015 which is freely available with registration. The more practitioners rely on technology to manage their law offices, the more important it is to have a solid understanding of how these systems operate and how they can be used to streamline office operations. Resolve to ... Read More »

YouTube Friday:  eDiscovery Explained Simply

YouTube Friday eDiscovery Explained Simply

The “e” in eDiscovery doesn’t stand for “easy” and some experts (like the video nearby) argue that eDiscovery is greater challenge for IT than it is for lawyers.  In its simple terms, eDiscovery is short hand for the process of turning unstructured data – sometimes staggering amounts of it – into something we can understand. YouTube is filled with resources ... Read More »