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What do New Law Firm Owners Fear? Old Firm Mistakes…

What do New Law Firm Owners Fear

What could possibly be more frightening than starting a new law firm? All too often, dealing with the problems that plague so many older, more established firms. Like troubles getting paid, protecting confidential data in an era when data thefts are everyday news, or worries about malpractice. Confidential Materials. Stop Reading Immediately! What’s the good news if you’re trying to ... Read More »

Surviving and Thriving with 21st Century Clients

Surviving and Thriving with 21st Century Clients

Note:  The following is a guest post by Camille Stell. Lawyers face a myriad of challenges in today’s legal marketplace. Topping the list: dealing with the 21st century client. A new century means a new type of client. Trying to apply 20th century solutions to 21st century clients simply won’t work. It will result in sour client relations, which in ... Read More »

A Tricky Email Scam and Avoiding Law Firm Malpractice

An Email Scam that Tricks Lawyers and Avoiding Malpractice

Ever get a promising email from royalty in a foreign land?  The would-be pen pal writes in such emails that he or she is due a large sum of money, and those who oblige to help recover it, will be rewarded by getting to keep a hefty sum of the total. It seems nearly everyone has seen these scams, but ... Read More »

Eight Simple Tactics to Minimize Attorney Malpractice

top 5 alleged errors

Statistically, every practicing lawyer will face three malpractice claims in his or her career, according to Todd C. Scott, a risk management advisor with Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company. Some practice areas, such as personal injury, will incur more than three – and the odds have seemingly increased in the last several years.  In fact, malpractice claims in that specialty rose 30 ... Read More »

New Infographic: What Attorneys Need to Know about Malpractice


According to the ABA the likelihood of a private practice attorney being sued for malpractice in any given year runs between 4% and 17%.  Further, attorneys who are establishing their firms can expect, on average, at least three malpractice claims over their careers. Clearly this isn’t a happy subject, and to help, the Law Firm Practice Management team has put ... Read More »