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Early Case Assessment:  The Haystack is Getting Bigger

Early Case Assessment The Haystack is Getting Bigger

Upwards of 90% of all data has been created in the last two years alone, according to Aaron Pierce.  The data statistics are staggering; the needle is the same size, but the haystack is getting bigger. He presented a session at ILTACON that walked attendees through two tools our company provides in support of early case assessment: the Early Data ... Read More »

Big Data:  Legal Bytes to Rock #ILTACON

Big Data Legal Bytes to Rock ILTACON

With song titles and lyrics that only legal techies can truly appreciate, Legal Bytes is gearing up for a show at ITLACON. “With 16 petabytes I can’t find the needle in the haystack of files that you gave me,” is one line from the band’s song “L-O-V-Ediscovery.”  Sounds to us like a little early case assessment. See what we did ... Read More »

SlideShare Friday: Why Law Firms are at Cybersecurity Risk

Oops says the End User and Law Firm Cybersecurity

Law firms “may not be the primary target” of cybersecurity attacks, according to a compelling presentation published online by Accellis Technology, a certified LexisNexis consultant, titled: Law Firm Cybersecurity: Practical Tips for Protecting Your Data. The presentation is this week’s Friday Share and is embedded nearby. Firms are at risk for maintaining “tremendous amount of highly confidential information and information.”  The ... Read More »

SlideShare Friday: LexBlog Study Finds Law Blogs on the Upswing

SlideShare Friday LexBlog Study Finds Law Blogs on the Upswing

“Instead of saying that you’re the best in your field as you would with more traditional advertising, push out relevant information that shows that you know what you’re talking about,” according to a new survey – Am Law 200 Blog Benchmark Report – from the team at LexBlog. The report stems from examining the web presence of the Am Law ... Read More »

Friday Share: LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh on Advancing Rule of Law

LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh on Advancing Rule of Law

“The rule of law provides the foundation for how we live, the freedoms we have, and the degree of security that we enjoy,” so said LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh in a recent presentation to the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG). Rule of law sounds important.  We instinctively feel it’s important.  But what do those words really mean? As Mr. ... Read More »

Infographic Friday: Surprising Look at Famous Paralegals

Infographic Friday Surprising Look at Famous Paralegals-header

Vicki Voisin, who champions a podcast called The Paralegal Voice, is an obvious choice to included in an infographic on “Famous Paralegals.”  However there are a few other names on the list that we found surprising including: Famous activist Erin Brockovich Comedian Ellen Degeneres Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln The reference to Mr. Lincoln as a paralegal caused us pause:  The ... Read More »

Friday Share:  Pop Quiz – Are You a New Normal Lawyer?

Friday Share Pop Quiz – Are You a New Normal Lawyer

Are you a “new” normal lawyer? The “Are You the (New) Normal Lawyer?” quiz, which was developed by the by Catherine Sanders Reach, director of Law Practice Management & Technology  at the Chicago Bar Association, can help with such an assessment. Eight simple questions will evaluate a lawyer’s perspective on a range of topics including: billable hours, client communication, cloud technology and Richard ... Read More »

YouTube Friday:  Legal Services as a Credence Good

YouTube Friday Legal Services as a Credence Good

Seventeen and half-days – it’s the time between legal work performed and time entry.  There’s a parallel between the time that elapses and the size of the legal invoice – or velocity. “The longer you wait, the more you inflate,” says D. Casey Flaherty driving home a message of his key note talk the recent 2015 CounselLink Customer Conference.  It ... Read More »

Infographic: Amazing Coincidences of 2 Lawyers on July 4th

Infographic Amazing Parallels of 2 Lawyers on July 4th-header

Twenty-six of the 44 Presidents in U.S. history also served as lawyers.  On the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, it seems fitting to highlight two of them who also served as founding fathers:  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Sometimes friends and sometimes bitter political rivals, their lives have amazing coincidences:  the both passed the bar at 24; they were ... Read More »

Infographic:  Billable Hours Gained with Practice Management

Infographic Money Saved and Earned with Law Firm Practice Management-header

Eight extra hours a month is just one of the benefits law firms can achieve with practice management technology. That translates to 12 days a year or just about two weeks. How that time translates to a return on investment, depends on what an attorney does with it. If the time is used for billable work, Blue Hill Research estimates ... Read More »