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Surviving and Thriving with 21st Century Clients

Surviving and Thriving with 21st Century Clients

Note:  The following is a guest post by Camille Stell. Lawyers face a myriad of challenges in today’s legal marketplace. Topping the list: dealing with the 21st century client. A new century means a new type of client. Trying to apply 20th century solutions to 21st century clients simply won’t work. It will result in sour client relations, which in ... Read More »

A Tricky Email Scam and Avoiding Law Firm Malpractice

An Email Scam that Tricks Lawyers and Avoiding Malpractice

Ever get a promising email from royalty in a foreign land?  The would-be pen pal writes in such emails that he or she is due a large sum of money, and those who oblige to help recover it, will be rewarded by getting to keep a hefty sum of the total. It seems nearly everyone has seen these scams, but ... Read More »

New Infographic: What Attorneys Need to Know about Malpractice


According to the ABA the likelihood of a private practice attorney being sued for malpractice in any given year runs between 4% and 17%.  Further, attorneys who are establishing their firms can expect, on average, at least three malpractice claims over their careers. Clearly this isn’t a happy subject, and to help, the Law Firm Practice Management team has put ... Read More »