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Friday Share: Buying Legal, Metrics and Benchmarking

Buying Legal Metrics and Benchmarking

As an industry, whether inside or outside counsel, we don’t do a good job of figuring out what we want to measure in our organizations, but we still manage the business of law, according to Timothy B. Corcoran, principal of the Corcoran Consulting Group. “Is anyone here willing to acknowledge, that because we don’t have great data, we’re not managing ... Read More »

Moneyball for Lawyers: Hollywood Lessons for Practicing Law

Moneyball for Lawyers

What does a hit movie starring Brad Pitt have to do with how you run your law practice? Plenty. Because just like Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane used data analysis to revolutionize the way baseball is played, you can take the same approach to learn how your firm operates –and grow it to its highest possible potential. Data Doesn’t ... Read More »

Infographic: Client Value as a Path to Law Firm Profitability

Client Value as a Path to Law Firm Profitability

“There is only one boss-the customer,” according to Sam Walton who founded Walmart in 1962. “And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” It’s a timeless quote that underscores a key difference between financial metrics and client value metrics.  The former provides a measure of results, the latter ... Read More »

A Study in Futility: Rising Legal Rates, Falling Realization

A Study in Futility Rising Legal Rates Falling Realization

According to a 2015 study published by The Managing Partner Forum, standard hourly rates for surveyed attorneys have continued to rise in recent years – even in light of difficult economic conditions – from an average of just over $375 at the beginning of 2008 to right around $450 at the beginning of 2014. From a law firm perspective, it ... Read More »

The Secret Law Firm Metric Clients Will Pay to Improve

The Secret Law Firm Metric Clients Will Pay to Improve

Hint: It’s not a financial metric, but it can have a big impact on improving law firm profitability and growth. What’s more, it’s really not that big a secret if you’ve been listening closely to the clues your clients have been dropping: Like trying to negotiate lower rates, taking a long time to pay your bills, or simply “forgetting” to ... Read More »

Monthly Nut: Law Firms by Numbers [#ABATECHSHOW Recap]

Monthly Nut Law Firms by Numbers ABA TECHSHOW

If you have data, decisions about law firm management, such as work load, aren’t merely about “feelings” according to Haley Odom Ackerman.  More importantly, Peggy Gruenke added, tracking key metrics is the only way to effectively manage costs and grow a law business profitably. The duo teamed up to co-present a session at the ABA TECHSHOW titled 5 Reports your ... Read More »

Metrics Strengthen Inside and Outside Counsel Relationships

Metrics Strengthen Inside and Outside Counsel Relationships

The legal community has some of “the worst papered relationships in the known universe,” according D. Casey Flaherty, a former litigator and in-house counsel with Kia Motors America. The disconnect, he says, is in documentation. The inside/outside counsel relationship is often awash in conflicting, outdated forms – the inside counsel billing guidelines, the outside counsel engagement letter – that either ... Read More »

6 Simple Tips for Law Firms Tracking Utilization

6 Simple Tips for Law Firms Tracking Utilization

Note:  The following is a guest post by Amy Kosey, a veteran account executive in with the LexisNexis law firm practice management group. After several years of watching firm’s struggles, downsizing, splitting off and simply flat lining.  It may be time for shareholders to start focusing once again on the best practices to increase partner income. Gone are the days that you ... Read More »

3 KPIs to Make a Law Firm More Profitable

3 KPIs to Make a Law Firm More Profitability

It almost sounds like one of those whacky “Lose weight with this one weird trick” internet ads: Some law firms are improving profitability without having to raise billing rates, win new business or without having attorneys bill more hours. These partners are improving their firm’s bottom line by rethinking efficient ways to manage the firm. A Law Firm, a Business ... Read More »

12 Essential Metrics for Law Firm Rainmakers

law firm rainmaker metrics

There are two overarching components to running a profitable law firm according to Stephen Fairley of The Rainmaking Institute. Those components are the right people and the right systems. People run the systems he said, but the systems run the law firm.  Removing either of these components and it becomes even more challenging to maintain a financially successful law firm. ... Read More »