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5 Solid Links for Getting Smart on what Watson Means for Legal

5 Solid Links for Getting Smart on what Watson Means for Legal

In the last 18 months or so it seems artificial intelligence (AI) jumped from the movie screen to the news feed scroll.  More and more articles are exploring what it means for humanity. “The Wikipedia entry for “artificial intelligence” will make you wish you had an AI tool to interpret the entry,” according to Dennis Kennedy, in a panel discussion ... Read More »

Scribd Friday:  Do Law Firms Sell Legal Processing?

Scribd Friday Do Law Firms Sell Legal Processing

In a strategy session a couple weeks ago, a colleague recalled how he spent a summer during law school highlighting every termination clause in contracts.  It was redundant and repetitive work, that didn’t require a law degree.  Today such work is being automated with technology. That begins to get at what Ryan McClead means when he says lawyers sell “legal ... Read More »

Disruption in the Legal Industry Flows from Clients

Disruption Legal Industry Clients

“Disruption does not come from industry. Disruption will not come from law firms. Disruption comes, and is already coming, from our customers.” The topic of “disruption” has been, well, disruptive in the legal world last few weeks. On one side of the scales, events like Reinvent Law, LexThink.1, and conference on “disruptive innovation” which was held at Harvard Law. Writing ... Read More »