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7 Creative Ideas to Kick Start Collaborative Legal Conversations

7 Creative Ideas to Kick Start Collaborative Legal Conversations

Note:  The following is a guest post by Timothy B. Corcoran. As a management consultant who spends time with both law firms and law departments, I frequently feel like a marriage counselor or mediator who is constantly encouraging each side to better understand the other. Quite often, the laments and wish lists by in-house counsel and outside counsel are fundamentally ... Read More »

YouTube Friday:  Legal Services as a Credence Good

YouTube Friday Legal Services as a Credence Good

Seventeen and half-days – it’s the time between legal work performed and time entry.  There’s a parallel between the time that elapses and the size of the legal invoice – or velocity. “The longer you wait, the more you inflate,” says D. Casey Flaherty driving home a message of his key note talk the recent 2015 CounselLink Customer Conference.  It ... Read More »

3 Ways Corporate Legal Operations Use Metrics

3 Ways Corporate Legal is Using Metrics

The recent conference that provided snapshots into the evolution of corporate legal operations maturity – also provided a glimpse into metrics and measurement. It’s important to note, as the CounselLink consulting team is quick to point out, legal departments metrics may vary based on the unique needs of a given company or industry. Sometimes legal departments fall into the habit ... Read More »

Legal Fee Lessons Corporate Legal can take from Henry Ford


Note:  this post was compiled by a team (this post has been updated since publication for clarity). Charles Proteus Steinmetz was an unlikely hero in a key note speech to corporate legal attendees at the 2015 CounselLink Annual Conference.  D. Casey Flaherty, the key note speaker, opened his talk with an image of this gentleman. According to Mr. Flaherty, Mr. ... Read More »

Good People, Bad Process:  Building a Legal Operations Team

Good People Bad Process Building a Legal Operations Team

  Several corporate legal studies suggest that even while legal departments are primed to take on more work the growth in workload will encounter significant resource constraints: staffing and budgets are to remain flat. The only reliable way to do more with less is to do things differently.  That’s why D. Casey Flaherty is an advocate for legal operations and ... Read More »

Defining Legal Operations and Assessing Maturity

Defining Legal Operations and Assessing Maturity

No job in the world can prepare someone in advance to take the helm as CEO of a business – except, perhaps paradoxically, the job of being CEO.  Most CEOs grow up in one part of the business and while the experience is useful, there’s little that prepares a CEO to “own everything.” That’s the analogy D. Casey Flaherty likens ... Read More »

Five Ways to Jeopardize a Corporate Legal Project

Five Ways to Jeopardize a Corporate Legal Project

Note:  This post was originally written by Mike Haysley.  There are clearly ways corporate legal staff can build influence in a corporate legal department, but it is equally important, to avoid factors that can undermine your efforts.  These pitfalls will not only ruin your project, but also damage your reputation in a way that destroys, at least temporarily, your influence in your ... Read More »

5 Takeaways from the Legal Department Benchmarking Survey

legal benchmarking

ALM’s annual survey, the 2013 Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey, may give us reason for cautious optimism in corporate law as we head into 2014. “It’s been a long, difficult few years for U.S. corporate legal departments. In the wake of the financial crisis and the Great Recession, many general counsel had to make painful cuts to their ranks and tighten ... Read More »