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Analytics Revolution Will Drive Better Litigation Outcomes


A new generation of eDiscovery software products is stirring excitement as we’re discovering the enormous untapped potential of advanced visual analytics in the eDiscovery workflow. “The use of analytics in e-discovery is not new; indeed, in some ways, it’s as old as the discipline of electronic discovery itself,” writes Steve Ashbacher, vice president of litigation solutions at LexisNexis, in a ... Read More »

Corporate Internal Investigations: Performing Smart Investigation Analysis


Corporate executive teams and their in-house legal departments used to be called upon to conduct internal investigations when there was some kind of employee misconduct that needed to be assessed or perhaps a conflict of interest concern to be quickly resolved. Those types of issues still surface, of course, but the mazes of regulations and litigation risks that are present ... Read More »

Building a PreDiscovery Analytics Maturity Model


Any organization needs objective measurement tools to monitor and evaluate their progress in pursuit of specific operational goals. One way to do this is with a “Maturity Model” – a progress map that allows an organization to have its methods and processes assessed against a clear set of best practice benchmarks. With this tool, progress is indicated one step at ... Read More »

Corporate Internal Investigations: Conducting Smart Investigation Interviews


When a company is confronted with the need to conduct an internal investigation into allegations of possible wrongdoing, it’s essential to respond deliberately and thoughtfully in the execution of the investigation. While no two corporate internal investigations are the same, there is a certain pattern to most investigations and certain recurring best practices that can be leveraged by in-house and ... Read More »

Corporate Internal Investigations: Building a smart investigation team


Internal investigations are always sensitive and are frequently high-stakes matters that must be handled with great caution. Some of these corporate investigations are public and in the headlines, others are private and do not result in public disclosure. Many leading law firms and their corporate clients have learned valuable lessons about how to conduct effective corporate internal investigations related to ... Read More »

4 Best Practices for Software-Powered Litigation Productions

4 Best Practices for Software-Powered Litigation Productions

Thanks to the rising importance of eDiscovery and accurate document production, litigation support professionals are more valuable than ever. At the same time, the pressure is constant and the stakes are high for those productions to be on time, responsive and compliant with judicial instructions. “Once a document collection review is completed, documents typically need to be produced to opposing ... Read More »

CaseMap Ends Search for “Needle in a Haystack”

CaseMap Ends Search for “Needle in a Haystack”

Kansas City law firm, Fox, Stretz & Quinn, P.C., has just five attorneys, yet bills out close to 400 workers’ compensation cases every month, leaving no time for wasted time. The new case study is available online and as a PDF. Little wonder, then, that the firm’s president and managing partner, Steve Quinn, wastes neither time nor words in advising the firm’s legal ... Read More »

4 Notable Legal Software Updates You Might have Missed

Updates to LexisNexis Business and Litigation Software

Over the last several month the legal software solutions division has released software enhancements to several product lines.  For those that missed it here’s an at-a-glance view of the most recent updates: 1. New eDiscovery platform goes GA Originally announced at the 2016 Legaltech NY tradeshow, the legal software solution division has rolled out the product for general availability (GA). ... Read More »

Key Considerations Before Buying an eDiscovery Platform

Key Considerations Before Buying an eDiscovery Platform

With a number of legal software companies introducing new eDiscovery products recently, it’s understandable that many law firm CIOs and in-house legal departments are scratching their heads about which platform might be the best fit for their unique needs. Legaltech News tackled this challenge recently and spoke to a pair of prominent eDiscovery attorneys for advice about the questions that ... Read More »

ECA and “Smart Review” Gives eDiscovery a Boost

ECA and “Smart Review” Gives eDiscovery a Boost

Speed, efficiency, smarter analytics and cost predictability. In dozens of focus group conversations with LexisNexis representatives, that’s what eDiscovery professionals say they need. In order to pursue those four goals, litigation teams are increasingly finding that early case assessment (ECA) is critical. “An effective ECA effort helps legal professionals identify the data right away, narrow down the pool of electronic ... Read More »