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Top 10 Business of Law Posts for Q1 2016

Top 10 Business of Law Posts for Q1 2016-small

In the first quarter of 2016 we published 69 blog posts. The chart nearby provides a breakout of the coverage we’ve developed here by category. The volume of coverage around litigation technology stems from our interest in the sector as LexisNexis consolidated litigation software into the legal software solutions division based in Raleigh. This consolidation happened a little more than ... Read More »

Top 10 out of 260 Business of Law Posts in 2015

Top 10 out of 260 Business of Law Posts in 2015

In our final post of the year, and of our 2015 roundup series, we bring you the most read posts on the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog. Interestingly, by our observation, this analysis tells a story.  The story is the form of five key questions to which the legal industry is continuously evaluating: How can law firms earn more business? ... Read More »

Great Legal Links: The Top 10 of 66 Business of Law Blog Posts

Great Legal Links The Top 10 of 66 Business of Law Blog Posts

We’ve published 66 posts on these pages in the three months spanning June, July and August. Here’s a summary of the most popular – that is the most read – Business of Law Blog posts for that time period.  It’s always fascinating to see the most read, are not always the posts with the most social shares. We’ve also listed ... Read More »

The 10 Most Popular Business of Law Blog Posts Among 70

Metrics Invoices and LMA The Most Popular Among 70 Blog Posts-head

In the 90 or so days spanning the months of March, April and May (2015), we’ve published upwards of 70 posts.  It’s always interesting to see what posts resonate with the legal community, so what follows below is a summary of the top 10 posts for the last three months. It’s worth noting the analysis is driven by reader clicks ... Read More »

Hot Legal Links and the Top 10 Posts You Might Have Missed

top 10 legal

In the year that’s passed since we launched this little blog, we’ve been amazed at the growth in readership. In 12 months or so, this blog has earned hundreds of thousands page views (and that continues to grow).  A huge “thank you” is in order for reading, engaging, sharing and otherwise, spending a few moments of your day with us. For ... Read More »

Law Blog Lessons and the Best of #BusinessofLaw for 2014

Law Blog Lessons and the Best of #BusinessofLaw for 2014

Readers of this blog seem prefer posts about two things: law firm billing metrics and industry studies. At least that’s our assessment of the top 10 posts for 2014. The following are the most read blog posts from the year, with two exceptions. If a post already appeared in either of our previous two year-end roundup posts – one on ... Read More »

Monthly #BusinessofLaw RoundUp for November 2014


If there’s one thing these monthly roundups demonstrate, it’s the trends that are important from a reader’s perspective.  We’ve come a long way since April when we first started publishing these roundup posts – an even longer since launching this blog in January. Thank you for spending a few moments with us here – and for the many engagements and ... Read More »

Monthly #BusinessofLaw Roundup for October 2014

Top BusinessofLaw Posts You Might have Missed in October

In our roundup post last month, we added a section that included links to content that drew the greatest volume of engagement.  This month we’re going to build on that concept by modifying the format of these posts a little further in order to weave in content from additional sources. Top 5 Business of Law Blog Posts The topic of ... Read More »

Top 10 #BusinessofLaw Posts You Might Have Missed in September

Most Read Blog Posts for September 2014

We’re a bit slow on the draw in posting a “most read” post for September, but rest assured, it’s not out of idleness!   The fall is typically a busy season for product announcements, including new software releases for the LexisNexis® PCLaw® and Firm Manager® products, for example: LexisNexis Releases PCLaw 14 Featuring Batch Email Billing LexisNexis Firm Manager Provides Small ... Read More »

Top 10 #BusinessofLaw Posts You Might Have Missed in August

August Most Read Posts Business of Law Blog

August – a traditionally slow time of year – proved a pretty incredible month for the Business of Law Blog. In reviewing the data for this month’s Top 10 post, readership and engagement has spiked substantially – so thank you! Several projects launched filled these pages with data, tips and stories including the latest Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report, a ... Read More »