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5 Social Media Risks in eDiscovery


Social media has replaced email as our primary means of electronic communications. Since 2009, there have been more social network users than email users worldwide. Moreover, there is now more time spent on social media than email – and that amount of time continues to grow. Meanwhile, we’re seeing a total blurring of the lines between “personal” and “business” uses ... Read More »

3 LexisNexis Legal Tech Webinars in May

3 LexisNexis Legal Tech Webinars in May

Summer is right around the corner, so before our schedules are crowded out by vacation plans and mid-year business meetings, this may be a good time to check out a few complimentary webinars created by our business and litigation software teams. If one of these programs conflicts with a previous commitment on your schedule, don’t worry. Most of our webinars ... Read More »

4 Filters to Run Before Generating eDiscovery Reports

4 Benefits of Data Filtering Before Generating eDiscovery Reports

In the early days of eDiscovery, many litigation teams gravitated toward a “collect everything” approach in order to minimize the risks of evidentiary compliance errors, some of which had led to well-documented judicial sanctions. However, we all quickly learned the flipside of this approach: huge volumes of data being sent out for processing and review, which triggered runaway costs to ... Read More »

Spring Forward with 6 Legal Tech Webinars for April

Spring Forward with these 6 Legal Tech Webinars for April

Whether springing forward or falling back, those affected by changes for daylight savings are reminded twice a year the value of an hour.   To that end, we put a lot of effort into lining up webinar – that last about an hour – with high quality speakers and content. Below you can find our monthly legal tech roundup with webinars ... Read More »

Legal Tech Webinars and Events for March by LexisNexis

The Happy Lawyers Webinar + 5 More in September

March brings madness for NCAA basketball fans, relief from the cold with the first day of spring and of course a bit of luck from the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. March also brings us to our monthly legal tech roundup of webinars and events this month for large law, small law and corporate counsel.  In addition, we’ve added a ... Read More »

8+ Legal Tech Webinars You Will Love [February 2016]

8+ Legal Tech Webinars You Will Love [February 2016]

While Cupid won’t be moderating any of our webinar sessions this month, there’s still plenty of love to go around for new or prospective customers. The webinars designed for existing customers provide tips and tricks for getting more out of your investment in technology.  Those designed for new customers generally build on big ideas, experiences and best practices. The LexisNexis ... Read More »

Better Search and Getting to Meaning in eDiscovery

Beyond Words and Getting to Meaning in eDiscovery

Since the earliest days of eDiscovery, professionals have used litigation software to search for specific words within documents and return individual documents of potential relevance to them for closer inspection. We’re now at a point where those tools and the people who use them need to move beyond searching for certain words – and  instead search for meaning, according to ... Read More »

Brewing eDiscovery: 10 Legal Tech Events for January 2016

Brewing eDiscovery 9+ Legal Tech Events for January 2016

Something is brewing in eDiscovery. Among the list of events below (#6) will provide a preview of what is coming in the new LexisNexis® Concordance® Desktop eDiscovery product.  And #7 hints at the beginning of the “sea of change” stemming from our Raleigh Technology Center for litigation solutions in the next 12 months. Below is our monthly legal tech roundup, ... Read More »

Virtual Stocking Stuffers:  Legal Tech Resources for December

Virtual Stocking Stuffers Legal Tech Resources for December

Legal tech nerds won’t have to wait until the holiday to unwrap new bits and bytes.  For the monthly legal tech roundup, we’re presenting several webinars, unveiling a law firm conference on business development and providing links to two newly published white papers. Most webinars are recorded, so even if you can’t make the live presentation, be sure to register to ... Read More »

What do New Law Firm Owners Fear? Old Firm Mistakes…

What do New Law Firm Owners Fear

What could possibly be more frightening than starting a new law firm? All too often, dealing with the problems that plague so many older, more established firms. Like troubles getting paid, protecting confidential data in an era when data thefts are everyday news, or worries about malpractice. Confidential Materials. Stop Reading Immediately! What’s the good news if you’re trying to ... Read More »